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All-Star Baseball '99 Codes



Baseball Trail

For a baseball trail, enter GRTBLSFDST at the Cheat Menu.

Big Baseball

To get the big baseball, enter the following cheat at the Cheat Menu: BBNSTRDS

Fat & Skinny

Paper Players weren't enough, huh? Try this one: ABBTNCSTLO. Enter it at the Cheat Menu.

Break Bats

This is a very simple code. If you want plenty of broken bats throughout the game then type in the codes section: BRKNBAT

Manual Camera in Home Run Derby

If you want to enable the manual camera option in Home
Run Derby, do the following: Start a regular game (not Home
Run Derby) and turn on the manual camera view. Now exit
the game and enter Home Run Derby. Now controller 2 (or
which ever one isn't used to control the players) can mess
around with the camera views, just like in the other modes.

Slow Motion and Freeze

Go to the options and pick manual camera (you need to
have a controller plugged in that is not used for any
team). While playing, you can use the control pad to freeze or
put the game into slow motion. Push left on the pad to freeze
the game and right to put it into slow motion.

Get Abducted (Ultimate Cheat)

Here's how to get Acclaim's much-advertised "Ultimate
Cheat:" Enter the following word at the
"Enter Cheats" screen: ATEMYBUIK. Now start a
game and choose the following stadium: Alienopolis. The
second team will now be replaced by bug-eyed green
aliens (from a team called the Abductors") and play in a
futuristic stadium called Alienopolis. Although the
players' appearance will be changed, their images and
abilities remain normal.

Easy Homers (vs. Computer)

Here is a way to almost always get a hit or a homerun in
All-Star Baseball 99: First, turn on the pitch aid on the options
screen. In the game, always set up your batting marker a little
below the pitching marker -- so that the pitch marker is almost
even with the top of your batting marker. Now, if the
pitcher throws you an inside pitch, line the batting marker up
so it is on the inside section of the batting marker, with the
pitchers marker still directly even with the top of your
batting marker. It should look like this: *+ . This will make
you pull the ball. Do the same if the pitch is outside, only have
the markers lined up like this. +*. This will make you hit the
ball oposite field. If you get under it enough, you
will hit a homerun, or get a base hit. ALMOST always.

Easy Strike

When you are pitching, if the batter squares around for a
bunt and misses, he will automaticaly do it a second
time -- so make your second pitch a pitch out, by pushing the
B button after you select your pitch, instead of the A button

Stats Bug Fix

Just in case you missed it: To correct the stats errors that
sometimes occur in All-Star when loading from a memory
pak, simply load the stats twice. This will fix the problem.

Pick Off Baserunners Easily

Here's how to pick off computer opponents EVERY
time they reach second: Select your pitch, then wait for the
stupid baserunner to edge past the umpire on the screen, then
pick him off. It's that simple. For all those
who enjoy finding faults with sports games, enjoy. For all the
rest of you, who yearn for a real challenge when it comes to
sports games, collectively groan.

Cheat the Computer

Here's a nifty little underhanded way to cheat in All-Star: Wait
until you're at bat, hit the ball anywhere, and then quickly
pause the game and switch your controller to the other
team. That way you can make the outfielder miss the ball, the
SS not throw an easy grounder, and so on.

Big Heads, Bats and Feet

At the cheat menu enter: gothelium. This enables big
head, bat, feet mode.

Paper Players

At the cheat menu enter: prppaplyr. This enables paper
thin players mode.