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BioFreaks Codes



Creation Date

To check when your copy of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. was created,
quickly press the left C-Button immediately after you turn your
system on (press it rapidly a few times to increase your
chances). But you must stop pressing the button in order to
view it. You will know if it is done correctly by the sound of
someone laughing.

One Hit kills/fatalities

These codes are for the default settings Key:
T= press the direction
towards your opponent
A= press the direction away
from your opponent


MinaTek: Headspit
T-A-LP+LK (close)
ZipperHead: Buzzcut:
T-A-A+RK (close once
opponents arms are gone)
Ssapo: Headevour:
T-A-A+RP+RK (close)
PsyClown: Cut in half:
T-A-A+LP+LK (close)
Sabotage: Decapiblast:
T-A-A+RP (1-3 steps away
once opponents arms are gone)
BullzEye: Backhandecap:
T-A-A+RP (close)
Delta: TorsoShears:
T-A-A+LK (close)
Purge: Mutilator:

Pause screen-saver

During battle pause the game. Let it stay paused for a few
minutes and a screen-saver will appear with the words "Game
Paused" and flashing lights.


To taunt your opponent, press LP+RK simultaneously

First-person fight view

To switch into a first-person fight view press and hold left on
the digital pad and then press the start button.
To switch back, press and hold down on the digital pad and
then press the start button. The code can only be performed
once a fight has started.