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Blast Corps Codes


Infinite Hydraulics
for the Sidesweeper

803EDB51 0063

Infinite Missiles
Motor Bike

803F8AC3 0063


Z-Button Tricks

Some people say the Z button trick is useless in Blast Corps. Certain levels are made very easy by the proper application of this trick, making platinum times a cinch! Simply get close to a building or structure and press Z until you hear the familiar "doh!" Repeat this and the building will eventually explode. Note that this trick does NOT work with the PAL version (Europe/Australia). Get a really fast time on Oyster Harbor using a combination of tricks. First, it is not necessary to have the boats in place or fill the holes in order to complete the level. Second, it is possible to destroy the series of walls that one usually uses the TNT on, as well as the final building, using the Z button trick. So by destroying the small blocks in the beginning of the course using the Ramdozer, and using the Z button trick on the buildings, one can do the level in under 1:30, where the platinum time is 2:55! Another hugely useful application of the Z button trick is on Beeton Tracks. Normally, one would have to move the Ramdozer across the tracks and use the TNT to blow up the big building. Instead, the Z button trick can blow it up, resulting in a time of around 33 seconds, instead of the platinum time of 1:15! A somewhat less useful application of the Z button trick is on the last huge building on Diamond Sands. Most of it is destroyed by TNT, but the remaining part of the building can be destroyed without using the TNT on the other side of the tracks. Just use the magic Z button! There are a few other useful application of this trick, but none as useful as the first two. It seems that the only win condition for each level is that no buildings be blocking the carrier. Everything else can be ignored, even if green arrows are pointing to it. Using this strategy, some levels have extremely easy platinum times.

Bonus Levels: Extra Planets

It's been confirmed! There are at least four extra planets (in addition to the moon) that players can reach: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune, and there may be more (since there are four more planets in the solar system). The pre-mission briefing clearly states that to continue on "perhaps even more missions, one must attain a perfect score." To play these levels you must get a gold medal in each of the regular stages (including all training/bonus levels, Shuttle Clear, and the Moon). Once you have done this you get a congratulations message and Mercury will open up, after you beat it Venus will open, and so on. If you've attained gold medals in all the planets, you will get a message asking to "Do it Faster," which means going back to all of the missile stages; medals will then be awarded based on time. But you're still not yet! If you received a gold in all of the timed-missile stages you will be asked to do it even faster to earn platinum medals in every stage you've played so far! There may be even more, but the platinum medals are almost inhumanly possible.

Bonus Level: Moon

After saving the space shuttle you'll have completed the transition level that leads the Blast Corps into outer space. You'll fly to the moon on the space shuttle and wreak havok there, having to destroy several constructs within six minutes. Backlash is the only chooseable vehicle. Gravity is different, much like it would be on the moon, and control of ones's vehicle is even more of necessary than ever. As in the Earth's levels, look for ditches and hills to launch Backlash into buildings with even more power. This level is truly fun.

Bonus Level: Shuttle Island

The new challenge is to clear a path for a runaway space shuttle. The space shuttle has been battered and disabled and must land in the middle of a city. The Blast Corps must destroy the entire city to let it land. To beat this level, you must locate Thunderfist. At the level's immediate beginning, drive right, and follow the perimeter of the buildings on your left. You'll take a left, and then drive straight until you reach a set of buildings with dynamite crates surrounding them. Blow up the first one, and inside it is Thuderfist. Use this awesome destructor to annihilate the city.

Six Scientists

There are six scientists in Blast Corps, and once you've found these white-jacket clad old men, you have completed the game's first major segment. The six scientists are located in:

1. Ebony Coast
2. Ironstone Mine
3. Argent Towers
4. Oyster Harbor
5. Tempest City
6. Glory Crossing

But there's more. After the game ends, the carrier is directed to a safe place to explode, and after all of the credits roll by, a brand new set of challenges awaits you. Wait until the credits roll by to see this new bonus level.

Nitro Boost

At the beginning of a bonus level after the green light, press the gas button and you'll get a nitro boost similar to that in Mario Kart (you have to do it really fast after the green light).

Instant Explosion

Simply drive up next to something and try to get out of your vehicle by using the Z button. If you're too close, your man will yell and not get out. If you continue holding the Z button, the obstructing object will blow up like magic. NOTE: This cheat is best performed with the dump truck, or in heavily obstructed areas that make it difficult for the driver to get out of the vehicle.

Ghost Car

In a level where you go around a race course, after you complete the number of laps it says to do, do the race again with another vehicle. Now, when you start, you'll be racing a ghost car. The ghost car will be the vehicle that you just used and will do everything you did in the last race (just like in Mario Kart 64).