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Chameleon Twist Codes


Access All Levels
8020850e 00ff
80208510 00ff

Extra Crowns
80251767 0015


Bonus Level

Collect all the crowns from all 6 levels (or come close)and beat its boss. After this is done, you can go back and select a new level.

Bonus Round

Bonus Round Go to Stage 6 (Ghost Castle.) At the first room don't go up the stairs, instead go to the place near the rabbit and you'll see a locked door near a crown. Get the crown then open the door. Go into the room and you get to play a round of pool. Note: You need at least 50 Crowns to get into the door.

Secret Level

Each stage has at least 20 crowns. Collect 20 crowns (or more) and beat each boss of every stage. If you do that in all six stages, a question mark box will appear over stage one. Go to it, and you should notice six pictures. Each one leads to their respective bosses (fire = ghost land tank). Now you can beat the bosses without going through the levels.