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Cruisin' USA Codes


Always first place
8015022B 0001

Always first place
(vers. 1.1)

8015034B 0001

Always manual gearbox
80150213 0001

Stop elapsed time
and no traffic

80150949 0000

Unlimited Time
8015094D 0045

Only see players



Quick Boost

First you have to get a "New Hot Time" on a race. Then pick any car and at the beginning of the race press Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas. You can do this once every checkpoint. Note that the quick boost ONLY works for fully powered up cars.

Sirens and Lights

When using the School Bus or Police Car, you can make the sirens and lights work by performing this code correctly. Take First place in a race or get a "Record New Time" with either the police car or the school bus. After entering your initials move the joystick to the bottom of the screen and then all the way to the left (keeping the conveyor belt on the screen). Wait about 30 seconds and a head will roll by and say "Man, I love this game." Now exit the initial screen and choose a new race. When the race starts hit brake, brake and then accelerate moderately fast. If you 've performed it correctly, the code will work. The sirens will turn off if you let up on the gas, but you can restart the code by hitting brake, brake, acceleration, and holding the acceleration down.

Cool Car Selection

Tired of racing those same old Cruis'n standards? Well, try this, and you can access a school bus, Jeep Wrangler, or police car. At the Car Selection menu, Press the top, left and bottom C (yellow) buttons simultaneously, and there you have it. Move the cursor left and right to select these three code cars.

Stage Selections

At the Stage Select Screen Press L + C (left) + C(down) at the same time for Golden Gate Bridge L + C (down) + C(right) at the same time for San Francisco L + C (right) + c(up) at the same time for Indiana