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F-Zero X (import) Codes



Leader Timer

During any GP race in F-Zero X, press the L button to see how far behind you are from the leader, or how far ahead you are of the second place vehicle. The time will appear at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Master Difficulty Level

Defeat the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups on all all three difficulty levels to access the super-hard Master level.


Beat all four cups (including Joker) on Expert difficulty and you will unlock a fifth, "special" cup called the X-Cup. The X-Cup is a random track generator that will create six new tracks (X1-X6) everytime you play. You cannot earn "X" marks on this cup, but it is available in different difficulties.

Small Deformed Cars

At the car selection screen, press and hold L, R, and the four C-buttons and you will see the car shrink. Now you can play with smaller cars!

Change Vehicle Colors

To change your car's colors, simply press the R-Button during the car customization screen. Note that there are only a few select colors for each vehicle.

Joker Cup

Beat the Jack, Queen and King cups on Standard difficulty and another cup, the Joker Cup, with six all new tracks will open up.

Rotate Cars

Want to see your car from different angles? At the customization screen, press the C-Buttons to rotate the car into all directions.