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Mortal Kombat 4 Codes


Ghost Mode

Player 1 Katana

Player 2 Katana

1 Round To Win P1

99 Wins P1

Infinite Credits

Infinite Time

Play As Goro P1

Play As Noob Saibot


Alternate Colors and Weapons

To alternate any Characters outfit at the character select screen hold start and hit any button. If you do this on any character it will change everybody's outfit. Some characters have three outfits while some other characters have four.

Automatic Fatalities

Enable automatic fatalities in the Cheat Menu. Press the following: hold down and press high punch from basically anywhere on the screen to do an automatic fatality -- but you must be close to your opponent for the pit fatalites. (Will not work with Goro)

Goro's Moves

Goro has no weapon of his own but he can pick up someone else's dropped weapon (using Down+Run like everyone else). There are also no rocks in Goro's Lair when he is fighting in it.

Fireball: Forward - Back - HP Tele-Stomp: Forward - Forward - Back - HK
Ground Shake Stomp: Back - Forward - Down - Down - HK
Two Hand Swipe: Forward - Forward - HP Lunge Kick: Back - Back - HK
Super Uppercut: Down - Down - HP

Kombat Kodes

Enter the following codes at the two-player Vs. Screen (when you see the character drawings facing each other). You will see two three-digit number displays at the bottom. The first three correspond to controller #1, the second to controller #2.

The numbers stands for the number of times you have to press Low Punch, the second for Block, and the third for Low Kick.

Here are the Kodes:

001 001 Unlimited Run
002 002 Weapon Kombat
010 010 Disable Maximum Damage
012 012 Noob Saibot
020 020 Red Rain
050 050 Explosive Kombat
100 100 Throwing Disabled
110 110 Maximum Damage and Throwing Disabled
111 111 Free Weapon
123 123 No Power
222 222 Random Weapons
321 321 Big Head Mode
333 333 Randper Kombat
444 444 Armed and Dangerous
555 555 Many Weapons
666 666 Silent Kombat

Noob Saibot's Moves

Saibot's weapon is a Scythe.

Weapon Draw: Forward - Forward - HK
Teleport: Down - Up (press BL to Slam, or HK/LK to kick, after it)
Fireball: Down - Forward - LP (can be done in mid air) Air Throw: BL at close range in mid air
Noob's FATALITY I is Johnny Cage's Torso Rip, and FATALITY II is Sub-Zero's Freeze-and-Uppercut.
"The Prison" (Fan) Stage Fatality: Down - Back - Back + HK
"Goro's Lair" (Ceiling Spikes) Stage Fatality: Forward - Down - Forward + HK

Stage Select Kodes

Refer to Kombat Kodes on how to enter these:

Stage Select Codes:

011 011 Goro's Dungeon
022 022 Scorpion's Stage
033 033 Elder God Stage
044 044 Tomb Stage
055 055 Rain Stage
066 066 Reptiles Stage
101 101 Temple
202 202 Living Forest
303 303 Prison Stage
313 313 Snow stage

Cheat Menu

Select the Options menu, then move your cursor down to "Continues" and hold block+run (if you didn't customize your controls, it's C-Left and C-Down) for about 10 seconds. You will first hear a mumbling voice. Keep holding the buttons until a menu pops up. You can now fiddle with the cheat options -- one at a time.

Play as Goro

Select the Hidden button on the character select screen, then move up three, over one to Shinnok, and press block and run.

Play as Meat

In order to play as the character MEAT you must go to "GROUP MODE" which can only be played in a two player mode. Play every character in the game (16 in all) and make sure you win every time. After you play and win with the final character you can pick anyone, your character will then be MEAT. He will have all the moves of the character you selected but will look like a bloody skeleton.

Play as Noob Saibot

Select the "hidden" button on the character select screen and then move up two, over one to Reiko, and press block and run. (If you still haven't figured it out: Noob Saibot is "Boon/Tobias" backwards. Ed Boon and John Tobias are the creators of Mortal Kombat)