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Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub
Zero Codes


Infinite Lives


Invincibility Code

Enter TDFCLT at the password screen, then select Exit and press the A Button. You should now hear a tone that tells you the trick worked. Now start the game as normal or enter a password to continue your previous game -- you're invincible!

Ultimate Warp code

At the password screen enter: ZCHRRY. This will warp you to level 8. If you die simply hold the A button to warp again to Quin Chi. You can also hold the B button to warp to Shinnok.

10 Urns of Vitality


1000 Lives


Special Moves

Special Moves (Note: all of these moves require a certain amount of experience points)

Ice Blast Down to Foward, Low Punch Allows Sub-Zero to throw an ice projectile.

Slide Block+Low Punch+Low Kick+Back Can slide under projectiles and high attacks.

Diagonal Ice Blast Angle Up --- Down, Forward, High Kick Angle Down --- Down, Back, Low Kick Gives Sub-Zero the Ability to throw ice in 2 additional directions.

Ice Clone Down, Back, Low Punch Enables Sub-Zero to create an ice clone.

Ice Shatter Enable Sub-Zero to shatter enemies after 2 ice blasts.

Super Slide Block+High Punch+Low Punch+Back Same as normal slide. Except it is longer reaching and can take out multiple enemies.

Freeze on Contact Down, Forward, Forward, High Punch Allows Sub-Zero to freeze an enemy on contact when running.

Polar Blast Forward, Back, Back, High Punch Freeze all enemies on screen within the blast radius.


Spine Rip Foward, Down, Forward, High Punch (one step away) Rips the opponents head from their body.


6 Hit Combo HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, back HK

Crystal Boarder

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Warp to Mission 2

Note: Enter codes at password screen. Code: Mission 2 - THWMSB

Warp to Mission 3

Mission 3 - CNSZDG

Warp to Mission 4

Mission 4 - ZVRKDM

Warp to Mission 5

Mission 5 - JYPPHD

Warp to Mission 6

Mission 6 - RGTKCS

Warp to Mission 7

Mission 7 - QFTLWN

Warp to Mission 8

Mission 8 - XJKNZT