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Multi Racing Championship Codes


Always Place 1st

Infinite Time

Low Course Time


Extra Cars Trick

To acess the extra cars without beating them, just got to the 2-player vs. mode and move the selector over one of the closed garages and select it. Now exit and without choosing another car, select a 1-player race mode and you've got the best cars in the game!

Bonus Cars

When all of the courses have been won in Match Race, the first of the two hidden cars appears. If the player defeats this first new racer, he or she can then race in this car against the second and final challenger. If the player beats the second challenger, the player can then race in that second car, and will have defeated the Match Race Mode.

Ghost Car

Players can race against a ghost car in the Time Trial mode once they have established the standard in lap times.

Match Race

Match Race To open up Match Race Mode, you must achieve first place in all of the difficulty levels in Championship Mode.

Mirror Course

Mirror Course After beating both secret racers (i.e. Satan and God) in all three difficulty levels of Match Race, you'll open up the Mirror Course.

Tips and Short-Cuts

Tip 1: For a super-fast start, wait until the count down timer reaches "1," then jam on the gas. This takes some practice.

Tip 2: To use the two hidden shortcuts seen in the game's intro, select the "downtown" (hard) track. At about the 3/4 mark on the track after passing the windmills and after some uphill zig-zags you will come to a wide turn near a waterfall. Near the right edge of the track you will see a tree next to a "one way" sign. Head for the tree and there will be a gap in the fence and a dirt road that goes straight through the waterfall into a tunnel filled with water.

Tip 3: Right past the location of the first hidden short cut is a tunnel. Right after the red and white sharp turn and road fork signs there is a tunnel with a grass and dirt road. Both shortcuts end up on the road not too far from the starting line.