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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon



Extra Songs in Sound Test

First beat the game. After viewing how many Silver Fortune Dolls you have collected at the end, hit the"Start" button and you will be brought to the main screen. Enter "Options." Go into "Sound Test." You should now have two new selections: "I am Impact" and "Gorgeous my Stage."

Forever Falling Glitch

In Mystical Ninja, go to the main entrance of Festival Village. Go down the stairs and take the big door on your right. You'll be in an area with a big pool of water in the middle of it - From here go straight across the room to another big door that leads towards the area that the drummer is in. Once you enter this door, face the stairs that lead up to the drummer, start to climb up the stairs and then jump over onto the rock slope that's to the right of the stairs. You'll fall straight through the slope, and you'll keep falling until you fall right out into space itself.

Consecutive Fighting Boss Mode

If have you found every cat in the game so that your life gauge is full, finish the game and after the credits a 'cat-count' will appear. If you found all the cats, a new option will be available in the options menu just below the Sound Mode menu called Consecutive Fighting! Large Boss Mode. Enter this mode to play the four Impact scenarios against the bosses!

Avoid Projectiles

Here's a strange way to avoid an attack. Change characters just before a projectile attack reaches you, and it will pass right through you.

Exorcist Impact

At the end of the Impact cinema sequence, you can rotate Impact's head with the control stick. Wait until it shows Impact's full body with the yellow and orange stripes, and then use the control stick to turn his head Exorcist style!

Reappearing Items (Lots of Money)

If you find a room with a lot of gold (or pots with gold) such as the first room in Oedo Castle walk into the room and get the gold. Then leave and come back in and -- surprise! All of the gold is right back where it was! You can do this as many times as you want and stack up on cash.

Blade-Shield Usage

When Yae uses her blade-shield, she normally can't move. However, if you have the armor or shield and receive damage from an enemy when using the blade-shield, you can move.

Unchangeable Hair Color

In the middle of using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get killed by an enemy (if you have more than one life). If you do this, you will come to life again with golden hair. However, if you want to change the character, you can't change the hair color.