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NFL Quarterback Club '98



Almost always block punts

On fourth down when the other team is punting, before they snap the ball get almost right in front of the punter on their side. Once they hike it there will be a flag but just ignore it. Once it is in the punters hands and he is ready to kick it, jump up and intercept it. Once you have the ball jet for the endzone so the punter can't tackle you. After you have made the touchdown it will make a mistake and ask the opposite team if they want a touchdown or if they want the ball back with first down. Then they will pick touchdown and it ends up giving you the touchdown.

Madden Dissing

Want to see a special message left by Iguana for John Madden? Go to the N.O. Saints Stadium and go to instant reply. Next hit "Z" to brign up Camera Mode. Then hit L to raise the camera and look at the words left for Madden on the right side of each goal: "GET BACK ON THE BUS JOHN-BOY... ITS OUR GAME NOW !!"

Always Score Touchdowns

This little trick will enable you to score a touchdown on every kickoff. After you receive the ball, pull a man behind the receiver and pitch him the ball (lateral) WITHOUT it touching the ground. If it touches, pick it up and pitch it until the other player catches the ball. If you do it right, you won't be tackled by the opposing team, but if your own men touch you, you will most definately go down. Try it, it's a pretty cool glitch.

Always Tip the Ball

To always have your players tip the ball in the air on passes, enter the following code at the Cheat Menu: LWYSTPSS.

Beam the Ball Trick

Enter LDSTRTRK at the Cheat Menu, and everytime your quarterback throws the ball, it will magically appear in the receivers hands.


Sick of normal, walking players? Enter PBYBYMD and everyone will crawl around on the field.

Defense Sucks

Enter LLDFSCK (All Defense Sucks), and well, your defense will suck (meaning that all attributes the team's defense are set to zero).

Electric Football Mode

Enter YLCTRCFB (Electric Football) at the Cheat Menu, and the players move around like in an electric football game

Greater Dive Distance

To get greater dive distance, enter BGSPRDV (Big Super Dive) at the Cheat Menu.

Maximum Acceleration

To get maximum acceleration attributes, enter CRLLWYS (Carl Lewis) at the Cheat Menu.

Maximum Defense

Enter BGBFYDF at the Cheat Menu and all defensive players will have maximum attributes.

Maximum Discipline and Awareness

To get the maximum discipline and awareness settings for your players, enter YNSTYNS at the Cheat Menu.

Maximum Offense

IF you enter BGBFYFF, all offensive players will have maximum attributes. (Super Bowl Victory Code).

Maximum Strength Attributes

Enter this code at the cheat menu and your players' strength attributes will be maxed out: RNLDSWZNGR (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

No Turnovers

If you want to switch off turnovers, simply enter TGHTGRP (Tight Grip) at the Cheat Menu.

Offense Sucks

Enter LLFFSCK at the Cheat Menu, and all attributes for the team's offense are set to zero.

Players Get Eight Downs

Enter this code at the cheat menu and your players will get eight downs: 8DWNDRV

Secret Quickplay Teams

Entering STNTXTM at the Cheat Menu lets you access the Acclaim, Iguana, AFC, and NFC teams for quickplay.

Sled Mode

To get Iguana's strange "sled mode," enter SNWSLDS (Snowsleds) at the Cheatmenu.

Slow Motion Mode

If you want your players to be stuck in a slower timeframe, enter FRMBYFRM (Frame by Frame) at the Cheat Menu.

Spinning Ball Carrier

Enter BGTWSTRS (Big Twisters) at the Cheat Menu. Your ball carrier will now spin and spin and spin until he is tackled.

Super Players (100 Yard Code)

Enter SPRBGRMS at the Cheat Menu an all quarterbacks can throw the ball 100 yards, all kickers can kick 100 yards, and all punters can punt the ball 100 yards.

Super Team Mode

Enter SPRTMMD at the Cheat Menu to bring ALL player attributes to the maximum. If you lose with these guys, we've got a job for you at Next Generation magazine.

Super Turbo Mode

Simply enter SPRTRBMD (Super Turbo Mode) at the Cheat Menu, and all your players will run in turbo.

Tackle Always

Enter SPRDPRTCKL at the Cheat Menu to enable the "Tackle Always" code.

Turn off Tackle Ball Carrier

Enter NBCTCKLS at the Cheat Menu to turn off the tackle ball carrier.

Turn off all cheats

f you've lost track what cheats you have switched on and and you're looking for a quick way to get rid of them, enter: LLCHTSFF at the Cheat Menu.

Up-and-over Madness

Enter MNFLDMD at the Cheat Menu, and all players will do the "up-and-over dive" every three seconds.

Wimpy Players

Enter PWHYRMN (Pee-Wee Herman) at the Cheat Menu and all player attributes are decreased to zero.

Zero Accuracy

Enter TRNTDLFR (Trent Dilfer) at the Cheat Menu and your quarterbacks' accuracy will be set to zero.

Heal Injury Bug

When your player is injured simply go to "Substitute Players" and hit "Replace All". BINGO! Your star running back is back in the lineup AND on your injured list! (If it doesn't work the first time around go into your offense and sub him in on one formation then hit "Reset All").

Create a Better Player

Here's a little tip for creating your own players. Put in all of the information on a player and hit A to go to the next screen (the one in which you choose which areas he is good in). If the randomly generated points are not as high as you would like them to be, just hit B and go back then hit A again and the points will change. Sometimes the points decrease. If this happens just repeat the trick again. Keep on going until your points are over 550.

Extended Turbo Dash

Press hurdle a step after pressing the turbo button and the turbo will extend to the whole jump. This is a really effective move for breaking away from speedy defenders. It takes a little practice to get down pat.

Speed up Gameplay (WLTRPYTN Code)

Enter WLTRPYTN (Walter Payton) under the cheat option and the game will speed up a little. If you thought QBC's gameplay was to slow, perhaps this will help. Ed.: The code sets the player agility to maximum.

Fumble Mode

Enter this code at the cheat menu to make all players fumble the ball constantly: GTNHNDS.

Slippery Play

Enter this code at the cheat menu for slipper play: SPRSLYD (Super Slide).

Sticky Hands

Enter this code at the cheat menu and your players will always catch the ball: STYCKYHNDS (Sticky Hands).

Unlimited Downs

Entering this code at the cheat menu enables unlimited downs: DWNDRV

Extra Fast Players

Extra Fast Players To get extra fast players type in MCHLJNSN (Michael Johnson) at the cheat menu. You should hear a confirmation sound to tell you that the trick worked. You will find that your players' speed attributes are now at maximum.

Small, Wide Players (Sumo Code)

To give your players a short, flattened look enter this code in the cheat menu: JPNSMWR (Japan Sumo Wrestler)

Goliath Mode

Enter GLYTHMD (=Goliath Mode) and all the players will be HUGE. The in-game voices and Marv's play-by-play also drop by a whole octave, but the ball and the refs stay normal.

Small Midget Mode

Enter SMLMDGT (small midget) and your players will all be tiny, while the refs stay their normal size. In addition, all player voices are now high-pitched and Marv Albert sounds like he's been sucking on helium.

Tall and Skinny Mode

Enter BBMNTBL at the Cheat Enter screen and your characters will have a squished, tall and skinny look in the game.