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NHL Breakaway Codes



More Secret players

More Secret players Enter the following names as shown:

grEEn jeLLo
Tommy Carbone
Simon Carbone
Olivia Carbone
Joe Seeders
Todd Dowd

Exchange injured player for free

If someone is injured, press C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right at the trainer's room. You can now take out an injured person for free.

More Secret Teams

At the team select screen in Exhibition mode, press C-Up, L, C-Left fairly quickly. If you do this, you will hear a slap shot sound. The three secret teams (New York, Salt Lake, and Parts Unknown) are located between the controller Pak team and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

Extra Teams

Here's a cool code to get some weird new teams for NHL Breakaway. When you are selecting your team press Up-C, L, Left-C. You should hear a slap-shot sound. Now between the Controller Pak and Anaheim teams you will have three extra teams.

Random Team Select

Having trouble choosing a team? Press L+R at the same time when selecting teams and a team will be randomly chosen for you.

Perfect Player (Jim Jung Code)

To create a perfect player you should first open the "Create A Player" option. Then enter the name as "Jim Jung". From there you should be able to change the other features such as name, weight, size, etc... while still having a perfect player.

100 Bonus Points

This code will add 100 bonus points to your team in the Season mode. At the main season menu, press C left, C left, C right, C right, C left, C left, C right, C right, then the R button. This will add 100 bonus points, and can be done over and over again. Helps a lot if you don't wanna wait for prospects, coaching staff, injury therapies and team events.

Cheat Menu (all the cheats)

From the title screen: left C, right C, left C, right C, R, R. Now go to the main menu and the cheat screen should be selectable.

Opponent without Goalie

Here's a cool glitch: After you start playing, go to Game Settings (press start), then go to Controller Select, and change to the other team. Under Team Options, select pull goalie. Then change the controller again back to your original team. Now there is no goalie to stand in your way.