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Pilot Wings 64 Codes



Gyrocopter at 600 km/h Trick

Here's a fun but pointless trick: In gyrocopter mode, accelerate to around 250 km/h and then aim down toward a level stretch of ground (best done in little states). As you hit the ground pull up sharply. Ff done correctly you will see a "5 points deducted" message and keep flying. The trick is every time you do it it increases your speed, so if you do it right it you can go past the normal limit of 260 or so all the way up to around 600. A word of caution though, if you go faster than 400 or so you crash automatically, and it only gets harder to steer when you go faster. So, good luck and happy bouncing to everyone.

Parachuting Trick

When you are parachuting, don't open your parachute until you are about almost touching the ground. If it's done right, the chute should open just as the guys feet touch the ground and it will look as if he opened it while standing. This is a real easy way to get a good parachuting score.

SF to NY States Transport

If you use a jetpack and fly to San Fransico city, there is a building there that you can enter. Enter in the south side, fly through, and you'll end up in New York. Turn around and go back in, you end up in San Fransico.

Wario Face Change

Change Mario's face on Mt. Rushmore in the Super Cannon, Level 1. Hit Mario directly in the nose and watch his face change Mario's.

Transport Across Small States

Players can transport across the Small States in Pilot Wings by using the jetpack to fly into the hanger in Seattle, by using the hanger by the Space Shuttle's launch pad. Fly to the ceiling and touch your pilot's head to the ceiling. If it doesn't work the first time don't give up, it will work.

Night Transport

In first rocket belt level, go toward the closest fountain spraying water in the pond. The source of the pond leads up to a couple of waterfalls and then eventually into a cave. The cave is blocked at the far end by a metal grating. Go deep into the cave real deep. Right before you touch the grating, you'll be transported to the night version of the same level. Everything will still be there (the balloon you have to hit, your landing spot) but it'll just be night.

Four Birdman Stars

In PilotWings 64, there is one star for each level that enables your character to transform into the Birdman suit. We've already posted how to attain the first in Beginner Class. Here we list the rest. Each of these is best found with the Rocket Belt, because of its sharp maneuverability, and the ability to stop in mid-air, a feature you'll definitely need to attain a couple of these puppies.

Class A The second star is in the center of Central Park, New York City, which is on the east side of the "island" in the Little States.

Class B On Ever-Frost Island, this star is located inside a cave from which a waterfall appears. There are two waterfalls -- take the smaller one on the right and follow the cave until you've reached the end. Change your viewpoint to top down and you'll see an underground cavern. Lower yourself slowly down and it'll be there. Pilot Class The fourth star is on Crescent Island and is located in a cave, along the ocean, between the airport and the little village, and is located inside the rock face.

In each case, once you've attainted the star, the screen will turn white and you will immediately begin again as birdman.

Refueling Secrets

Here are some advanced hints on refueling. While your fuel is restored, unfortunately, your timing is not reset.

Refueling To refuel your Gyrocopter or Rocketbelt on the Little States island, you can fly along the Northwest road from Cape Canaveral. You'll see what looks like a gas station on the left -- the sign is actually a Paradigm logo. Fly low and slow around the station until you hear a noise like taking off from a hopping pad.

You can also get fuel in the little town near the nuclear plant. Just fly under the little station's roof and you'll have a full tank.

Birdman Transport

Here is a little birdman trick most people may know, but it's still fun just the same.

Using any of the vehicles in the first level, players will find a bridge-shaped rock formation with a giant golden star under it. Go to it, hit it, and you will automatically transport to the birdman level (except, of course, if you're already in the birdman level).

PilotWings Cannonball Tips

One of the biggest thrills found in PilotWings 64 is the ability to shoot yourself halfway across the country like a cannonball. Since the only place available for a soft landing is a landing target, below are all the numbers you'll need to get there on your first shot.

While the following numbers are guaranteed to get you inside the bull's eye, you may need to make some minute adjustments to ensure a rating of 25 points on each shot. Also remember to recalibrate the cannon after every shot. Just leaving the cannon on your last setting and firing a second time will result in an even lower score than the previous attempt. While most of these shots are calibrated for full power, some require less. In these cases, a little trial and error will get the best results.

Symbol Key: V = Vertical H = Horizontal P = Power


Cannon 1
V:1-2 degrees
H: W 50 degrees N
P: Full

Cannon 2
V: 12 degrees
H: S 70 degrees W
P: Full

Cannon 3
V: 18 degrees
H: W 30 degrees N
P: Full

Cannon 4
V: 4 degrees
H: S 87 degrees W
P: Full


Cannon 1
V: 10 degrees
H: S 65 degrees W
P: Full

Cannon 2
V: 5 degrees
H: S 12 degrees W
P: 1/2 (a little less)

Cannon 3
V: 29 degrees
H: W 28 degrees N
P: Full

Cannon 4
V: 18 degrees
H: E 49 degrees S
P: 3/4


Cannon 1
V: 13 degrees
H: E 23 degrees S
P: Full

Cannon 2
V: 7 degrees
H: S 85 degrees W
P: 1/4

Cannon 3
V: 52 degrees
H: S 41 degrees W
P: Full

Cannon 4
V: 45 degrees
H: E 54 degrees S
P: Full (a little less)

Just one final word about those all important, extra creative shots (like pegging a hang glider). Remember, a hang glider is moving in space relative to your cannon's position, so you'll have to lead the target just a bit to get that way-cool midair collision. Break a leg!