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StarFox 64 Codes


Dual Lasers

Hyper Laser

Infinite Armor

Infinite Armor

Infinite Armor (Falco)

Infinite Armor (Falco) 1.1

Infinite Armor (Peppy)

Infinite Armor (Peppy) 1.1

Infinite Armor (Slippy)

Infinite Armor (Slippy) 1.1

Infinite Armor P1

Infinite Lives P1

Infinite Smart Bombs P1

Loads O' Hits

Unlimited Lives P1

Unlimited Smart Bombs P1



Warps, Medals, Tips

Because paths cannot be accessed as they were in the original Star Fox for Super NES, here are a few tips to help you through this new 64-bit powerhouse. Here are slightly different tips and tricks that work on the U.S. version of StarFox 64.

Medal Of Honor And Expert Mode
In order to get to expert mode you must meet certain requirements set about in each mission. You will receive a medal of honor for achieving these objectives. For example, Getting a high score will get you a medal of honor. If you get a medal of honor for each stage you will go to the expert mode. Also, that score will be saved into the game permanently, until someone else beats it. The number listed beside the level name is the score needed to achieve a medal of honor.

Battle Mode with Landmaster Tanks:
To access Landmaster Tanks in Battle Mode, acquire a medal on the difficult route to Venom.

Battle Mode on Foot:
To be able to play as the Star Fox members on foot, beat the game on Expert Mode and along the hardest path.

Star Wolf Team in Training Mode:
Once you've hit 100 enemies and get to the All-Range mode, you'll be able to face off with the StarWolf team. One will appear at a time and each time you knock one down, another will appear.

Difficult Path
Corneria: 150
Sector Y: 150
Aquas: 150
Zoness: 300
Sector Z: 100

Medium Path
Katina: 150
Solar: 100
Macbeth: 150

Easy Path
Meteo: 200
Fotuna: 50
Sector X: 150
Titania: 150
Bolse: 150

Venom 1 and Venom 2:

Short Cuts and Warps

Corneria To Sector Y In Corneria (the first level), Falco will dodge out in front of you and then get chased by three skilled enemy pilots. Nail all of them, and youíll save Falco. Next, pass through all of the rock arches in the water stage of this same level. If youíve done this correctly, Falco will guide you to an alternate passage, through a waterfall. If you defeat this water-based boss, youíll be led to Sector Y.

Warp To Titania
As you near the end of the Meteor Field there are about seven strategically placed blue rings. By passing through one youíll immediately accelerate in a barrel roll. Go through all of them and youíll hit light speed. Youíll appear in Titania, a psychedelic, bonus-style level thatís heavily influence by the old arcade game, Galaga. Note: This ainít easy -- so keep trying.

Get To Aquas
Just get a score of 100 or higher in Sector Y to warp to Aquas, the submarine level. You can shoot down enemies or blast stationery canons, and as long as nail no less than 85 by the time you get to robot bosses at the end, youíll be in good shape.

Macbeth To Area 6
As you approach the ending of the stage, shoot the red pillars with metal direction flags on them so they turn green. Watch them very carefully. (Hint: If you went to Zoness before coming to Macbeth, Cat will show up at your side and shoot those hard-to-reach switches.) At the end, where the switchboard light is, a switch will appear. Shoot that bad-boy and the track will move to the right. Now the boss kills himself. You get a deserved 50 point bonus for your troubles and you're off to Area 6!

Warp To Sector Z
Keep left at all times when in Sector X. You will eventually arrive at an area where you have to destroy white gates to pass through them. Demolish and blow those suckers sky high and pass through all of them. Youíll then warp to Sector Z!

Zoness To Sector Z
If you blast out all the spotlights in Zoneth and complete the stage, you then go to Sector Z. You should get some help from a certain feline.

Get To Katina
When you hit the boss at the end of Sector X, shoot his head off (the boss with the big hands). When the second one grows, dodge him, and let Slippy fly in. Slippy will get a mouthful and be bashed all the way to Katalina. Kill this boss and then fly to Katalina to find and save Slippy. That Slippy -- always causing trouble.

Kill Star Wolf Team Member Easily
This doesnít work when you meet the Star Wolf team on Venom under hard difficulty.

First of all, let one of the Star Wolf team members follow you. Let him shoot at you. Immediately do a forward barrel roll. As the camera zooms out to show the roll back, the ship will fly past you and will head either to the right or left. Remember which direction they went as you fly back forward, while charging up a shot. Turn to the direction he was going, lock him in, let the power shot fly, then rapidly shoot him with lasers. With the blue double laser, he should be dead with no damage to you. If you use the single laser, you may have to do this twice.

Kill Star Wolf Team Member Easily (Venom - Hard)
First of all, make sure you have as many friends as you can. This gives your buddies the job of distracting the ships so you can get the best possible shot.

Bear in mind that the barrel roll deflects shots.

Laser shots are the way to go -- seeing as how bombs and such donít have any effect.

Donít forget this: when one (or more) of these bad boys is on your tail, do a forward Barrel Roll or Loop Turn (down on the Control Stick and left C), and he should go under you and fly left or right. Then after powering up a shot, immediately search around left or right, and you should see the ship that was chasing you. Now is the time to get your shots in. Youíre going to have to repeat this step over a few times if you only have lasers, so donít lose your cool.

Extra Mode

To get the Extra Mode, Tanks in Versus Mode, and Graphic Equalizer in the Sound Test, you must do a few things. You must achieve medals on all 15 levels, by beating the stage with a specific number of hits -- and keep all of your comrades alive. Here are the scores needed to achieve a medal on each level:

Easy Paths
Corneria: 150
Asteroid Belt: 200
Ficcina: 50
Sector X: 150
Titania: 150
Volus: 150
Venom (Easy): 200

Katalina: 150
Solar: 100
Macbeth: 150

Sector Y: 150
Aquas: 150
Zoneth: 250
Sector Z: 100
Area 6: 300

Turn Off Cross-hair

To turn off the cross-hair aiming device on Star Fox 64, simply press start and press the right shoulder button, and the square will disappear.

Sector Z Power-Up Tip

When you arrive at Sector Z, if you find you're getting low on energy, you can fly into the rear hangar of your mother-ship. You'll be treated to a mini cut-scene of your Arwing diving into the ship and popping out the other side with your energy bar replenished.

Moving Heads

Move the analog stick around and the StarFox crew will track the moving numbers 64. Let go and they will stop. The 64 moves right back into place.