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Super Mario 64 Codes


Bent Over Mario
8033B3BC 0050

Big Fist Mario
8033B3BB 0010

Strobe Mario
8133B054 0095


Fun With Cannons Glitches

Here are a couple strange glitches: As you are playing, hop into any cannon. When the cannon is coming out of the ground keep pressing A. If you do this correctly when you are aiming Mario -- there will be no cross hairs! Now screw around with the analog for a bit and press fire. You will send Mario into any direction because the cannon screen doesn't move. In Wet Dry world get into the cannon with at least half power, now aim directly into the center of the sun and fire, Mario will go up, hit the wall and fall onto some concrete then bounce back into the cannon and lose half his power. Do this same thing again and Mario will land in the cannon once more -- but this time he will be dead! Now you can Shoot a dead Mario out of the cannon.

Mario Gets an F

Go to the "Cool, Cool Mountain" painting, switch to the Lakitu camera mode and stand in front of the painting with Mario facing you. Now press the upper C-button so the camera zooms in back of you. Now press the lower c button and look behind the painting. You will see a big, red, 3D "F"

Say What Bowser?

Once you get 120 stars, go fight the final Bowser again, and there will be a different message.

Watch the Hands

In course 14 (Tick Tock Clock) if you jump in the clock when the hour hand is on ANY hour exactly, all of the moving parts inside will stop. If you jump in with the minute hand on the 6 every moving part will be extremly fast, and if you jump in the clock with the minute hand on the 6 it will be random.

Bridge Glitch

In the beginning of course one there is a wooden bridge. Go under that bridge, press A, and hold it. You will grab on to the bottom as you would on a wire net. Climb to the lowest point of the bridge. If you let go of button A you will automatically be pulled right through the bridge.

Chomp Trick

In the first course, grab a small bomb-omb nearest Chomp (the big barking bomb). Then throw the little bomb under Chain Chomp and if it is done correctly the chain chomp will blast straight up and then fall back down onto the post. It's a lot of fun to watch and helps a little when you have to stomp down the post.

Mario's Stolen Hat

When you go into Snowman's Land (the second snow level), get your hat blown off. Then get a star and save the game. Turn off the game and turn it back on. Get back into the Snowman's Land, look around for snowmen who pop up out of the ground. The one closest to he base of the big snowman will be wearing your hat.

Beat The Penguin For Sure (Maybe)

When you race the penguin, half way down the course you will see a row of coins leading towards the wall, simply follow those coins into the wall and you will find the shortcut. Although you do beat the penguin, he still knows that you cheated!

Shifting Sand Hat Trick

Enter the level after getting the first star. Go to the vulture area. Let the vulture take your hat. Go on top of the pillar by the pink bomb. Wait for the vulture to come. Jump up and kick him, but don't get the hat. Go to the side of the palm tree by the water. Stand still and you will warp. Go back and forth through the teleport about three times. Go look at your hat. Get your hat twice, and you will be able to use it as a weapon.


Did Nintendo actually mean for gamers to have Mario walking around up here? If so, it sure seems strange that Mario can walk straight through this pole. Find this glitch at the end of the game when Mario has earned all 120 stars. Use the cannon to get him here by shooting him nearly straight up in the air after grabbing the flying hat on the rooftop near Yoshi. Can you perform a perfect swan dive from the roof into the pool at the front of the castle?

Meet Yoshi

After masterfully attaining all 120 stars, there is one cool thing you can do, and that's meet that fruity green creature, Yoshi. Ah, the moment you've been waiting for (and, of course, we know many people have already gotten this already). Go outside the castle, and climb inside the opening that used to be where the grating was near the beach. It's now a usable cannon. Aim yourself onto the roof, and when you land, you'll meet Yoshi, who seems to have been walking around the whole time waiting for Mario! He speaks with you briefly and then fills your life meter up to 100 and then leaves rather quickly.

Secret Room

After attaining all 120 stars, here's a cool glitchy thing to do just for kicks. Drop into the cannon and blast onto the roof where Yoshi is. Grab the winged hat (from the red switch box) and rush back into the cannon on the ground. Aim toward the middle tower and then aim the cannon really high at the top of the cloud above it, and blast toward it. Land on it and walk around to the left side, and Mario should fall through the wall behind the front door. Except for one thing, it's black and weird, and it seems he can't get out. Go through the door first. He will then appear as if he's in the front lobby. Now, if Mario is facing the door, scoot him over to his right, and he should be able to walk right through the wall beside the door. Ah, glitchy madness!

Mario the Airhead

There are various courses throughout Super Mario 64 in which polygon glitching occurs. Of them, this one struck us as the best of the bunch, because we were able to find out Mario's "IQ." Find any door in the castle and open it. Immediately turn around and try and go through, and then stop asap. Occasionally, the Latiku Bros. cameraman won't come through with you, or it will come only partially through. If you do the trick right, and it'll take a few tries, you'll get an "x-ray" of Matio's skull. Finally, we were able to see into the mind of the greatest plumber of all time, which is to say we found very little at all. Mario has finally been seen for what he truly is, an airhead who's just hot for the princess. (Just a joke.)

Rabbit Test

Go to the Basement. Find a door which you can easily go in and out of. After going through the door, quickly execute a jump kick back at the door. Usually you'll go through the door completely without opening it. However, if you time it right, you can "merge" Mario with the door, i.e. half of Mario will be on one side and the other half will be on the other side. (This takes a little practice.) There is a situation in which you can actually do something weird with this trick. If you manage to find the rabbit in the basement and catch him, don't collect his star. Instead, carry him to a door and set him down just in front of it. Now go through the door and try the jump kick trick until you get Mario "merged" with the door (don't be surprised if it takes a while to get the timing right). Now pick the rabbit back up and set him down on the other side of the door. Go through the door and now you can carry the rabbit though the front room in the Basement. This trick may be just "for kicks," but it is kind of fun to do.

Big Penguin Race

One of the cool things to do after achieving 120 stars in Super Mario 64 is to go back and look at certain differences in the game. There aren't many, but we have found a couple. Go back to Course 4: Cool, Cool Mountain, and before entering, move the selection cursor over the stars until you reach Big Penguin Race. Enter into the game, jump into the chimney in the house at the level's beginning, and you'll meet up with the fattest penguin known to man (uh, Mario, that is). It looks like the designers simply took a 3D tool and stretched the penguin out as far as they could, though it probably took more work than that. This trick is good for a laugh, and the race is a little more difficult as well because when the Penguin gets in front of Mario, you're more vulnerable to fall off than before.

Staircase Weirdness

This one is surely a glitch. Take Mario to the second story (up from the foyer in the main part of the castle). Enter the door with the big pudgy star on it. Take about three or four steps, and face the wall on the left. Face the wall and jump two times. The second time Mario will slip through the underside of the staircase and appear on the stairs above. Just plain weird.

Hat Trick

This is probably one of the coolest (if not entirely innocuous) Mario tricks we've found so far. Go to Snowman's Land (Course 10), which is located on the second story, up one story, and in the side door with the red carpet in front of it. Once your're there, get to the snowman's head, as if you were about to cross the ice bridge with the big penguin's help. Now, go ahead and let the snowman's breath blow you off the bridge. You're hat will fall off. Don't go pick it up -- leave it there! Lead your hatless Mario past the gray star spot, the small, pop-up snowman, and toward two pine trees. The second tree of the two is in the corner, and it's a teleport. Teleport through it. Now step back and teleport yet again, in fact, do this at least three times. Once you've teleported a few times, go back to your hat and look at it carefully. Examine it from all sides. What you'll see is a bunch of hats stacked up on each other. Slowly approach the hats. Pick up the one hat and Mario will put it on his head and the other hats will stay there on the ground! Now, pick up the other hat(s), and Mario will put the hat in his hand and carry it around with him! He can whack baddies with it, and he won't put it back on until you either teleport with him, get a star, or leave the level. Like we said, it's innocuous, but fun, and it works on both the Japanese and U.S. versions. One warning: When Mario has his hat in hand, he will take double damage.

Blockmen Secret

In Course 2, Chip Off Whomp's Block (found in door 1 on the right side of the castle), there is a cool trick Mario can pull off, but only if you're really good. Take Mario up to the mid-section of the castle, where you can find the two giant guard blocks. The trick is cool because it looks like a developing mistake, but we have been assured by Nintendo that it isn't. See those bandaids on the blocks' backs? There's a reason for that. The normal way to beat these angry blocks is to stand in front of one, wait until he's about to collapse on Mario, then quickly avoid him, and perform a butt-stomp on his back. By doing this, gamers will get three coins (also by just jumping on these guys' backs, Mario gets one coin per jump). But instead of avoiding the block, aim directly into the center of the block's face and jump into it (it has to be exact). What will happen is that Mario will jump straight through the block's face, and appear unharmed on the other side. This makes collecting coins from these blockheads a little easier (once you get the hang of it).

Penguin Ride

In Course 10, Snowman's Land, another cool trick for Mario is his new way to cross the ice bridge. Use the cannon to launch up to the tree, then get to the face of the giant snowman. Before crossing the ice bridge by using the penguin's help (walking at his side), try jumping on his head instead. What will happen is that Mario will end up sitting on the penguin's head, and will avoid the strong gust of wind that normally pushes him off.