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Top Gear Rally Codes


Extra Tracks

Extra Vehicles

Level 1 Points

Level 2 Points

Level 3 Points

Level 4 Points

Level 5 Points

Level 6 Points


Access All Cars

To access all cars, go to the Arcade (mode selection screen) and enter the following code: A, Left, Left, C-Down, A, Right, Z

Access All Tracks

Access All Tracks Go to Arcade (mode selection screen) and enter the following code: A, Left, Left, Right, Down, Z

Access Beach Ball Car

Access Beach Ball Car B, B, A, Left, Left, C-Down, A, Right

Access Cupra Car (Ice Cube)

To get the oddly shaped Cupra car without beating the game, simply enter the following code at the Arcade screen: C-Down, Up, B, Right, A, C-Down, A, Right

Access Helmet Car

Go to Arcade (mode selection screen) and enter the following code: Up, Up, Z, B, A, Left, Left

PlayStation Mode (remove bi-linear filter)

This code removes bi-linear filtering, giving the game a pixelated loook similar to that of PlayStation games. In gameplay hit: B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right

Rainbow Mode

This code turns the game into a rainbow graphic mess. Note: May cause dizzy spells. In gameplay enter: C-down, Z, B, Up, Up, Right

Beachball Car

Finish the fourth year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Expert and Professional), and you will receive the Beachball Car. It's basically one big beach ball with four smaller ones rolling on the ground. Enjoy that beach shortcut...

Car Color Changes

You can easily change the color of your car without having to go into the Paint Shop mode. On the car selection screen, push the D-Pad while holding one or all three of the C button(s). C-Left corresponds to red color intensity, C-Up changes the green and C-Right changes the blue value. Up on the D-pad increases the intensity of the color(s). Down on the D-pad decrease the intensity of the color(s)

Mirror Cars

Finish the fifth year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Expert and Professional), and a new "easter egg" will allow you to change your car textures to "mirror." Simply click the lower C-Button when on the car selection screen, and you can race as a chromed car. Looks best in replays.

Secret Date and Time

Want to see when the programmers at Boss Game Studios finished work on Top Gear Rally? Start the game and hold down all four C-Buttons, and the date and time will appear on the title screen.


Itís a little awkward writing a strategy guide for a racing game because everybody has their own driving style. There are some "features", however, in Top Gear Rally that can be exploited to increase performance and help complete the game and access all the cars. Hereís the winning formula:

General Driving Skills
Here are a few simple pointers to improved driving times:

This is a rally game. That means much sliding around and crashing into things when you first start playing. However, power sliding is easily mastered with little practice. Lift off the accelerator on the approach to a corner, just before you start turning. Start turning and slide the car around to point at the apex of the corner and then press accelerate. The car will exit the corner at max speed. The faster the car, the more you have to utilize the "throttle off, turn-and-point, throttle on" technique -- corners that can be taken flat out in the earlier cars become super slide-fests when youíre driving a speedier mobile. Donít go flying over jumps at top speed (unless itís one of the few "big air" jumps that are designed for max speed). As you crest a hill, let off the accelerator -- the carís nose will drop over the brow, keeping the wheels in contact with the road, allowing for earlier acceleration. If you fly over a jumps at top speed, the car is out of control for longer because itís bouncing, and itís more difficult to set yourself up correctly for the next corner.

Driving Conditions

Sunny and night are where you can drive like a maniac. Conditions are perfect in both, and once you know a track, it doesnít matter whether itís night or day -- you should be able to drive just as fast on both.

This isnít too tricky. As obvious as it sounds, donít drive too fast. Being smooth is the key to success -- itís better to drive slower and not crash than drive fast and crash every few seconds. On straights, go hell for leather, but on corners be prepared to let off the accelerator earlier than normal, then only gas it when the car is lined up correctly to drive out of a corner. With that advice, it should be a piece of cake.

Snow is the only condition thatís a real pain in the ass. Much more slippery than fog, you simply have to use the same techniques, but drive even slower. Again, smoothness is the key, not out-and-out speed.

Jungle: Softer
Desert : Softer or Normal
(depending on driving style) Mountain: Normal or Harder
(depending on driving style) Coastline: Harder

Jungle: Grippy
Desert: Grippy
Mountain: Slippy
Coastline: Slippy

Type 3 is only choice for the true Master, as it gives maximum control. It might seem twitchy at first, but once you get used to it, all other options will feel like driving a truck.

Non-sticking Cars
One of the biggest flaws in the game - and something that should have been spotted and eradicated by the gameís testers - is that cars donít slow down when they scrape along railings or walls. Either that or the cars are coated with Teflon. This means that on courses with walls, fences or barriers, you can actually drive along a wall and use it to corner without braking or power sliding. The car simply follows the wall as it goes around the corner and doesnít slow down. This is best seen on the Coastline track. Start driving and ride the outside wall all the way down the track. As soon as a corner comes up that has a wall on the outside, just steer so that the car is parallel to the wall, gently collide with it and drive without steering or taking your finger off the accelerator. Youíll fly around the corner, and with little practice youíll find that you can actually drive around most of the track using the walls in this way. If you canít get first place on Coastal using this technique, then you are hereby banned from visiting the hallowed portals of ever again. All the tracks feature walls which can be used to your cornering advantage, but you just have to learn which ones can be used successfully, and which ones canít. Happy driving!


Tunnel Fork: Right before you reach the first tunnel, there is a split in the road. Take the road to the right to beat out a car or two.

Beach Break: Soon after the second tunnel, the guard rail on the right ends, enabling racers to cut across the beach. Stay in the middle and head toward the opening on the other side. This is an excellent short cut, and even though you slow in the sand, you beat out opponents handily.

Over the Fields and through the...: Just after the beach break shortcut, watch for an opening on the left side. Once found, youíll drive across a wide grassy pasture. Keep near the left fence to reach the opening on the other side.

Jungle Track
Tunnel: At the very beginning of the race, make a sharp right after the initial turn. Youíll see a tunnel which cuts through to the main course. If you make the initial turn into it (by slowing down a touch), youíll shave off as many as 5-10 seconds.

Field of Green: After an S-shaped curve, take a short cut across the fields. The embankments are on each side lower down, which resemble ramps. Stay close the jungle, but donít try to go through the jungle (as far as we know there isnít any short-cut through it). There is a similar, shorter-cut right after it but a giant rock makes this second route trickier at high speeds. Mud, Fire, and Ice When you hit the mud slogs in any season except snow, stay on the roads. When youíre in Snow, the mud freezes to ice and can be fruitful in knocking off significant seconds.

Desert Track
Back Yard Breaker: In the beginning of the race, you will enter and then leave a city area. Just after departing, youíll see a house on the right. turn before it, and a foot trail will lead you back to the road. This is a major short cut that should be mastered.

Fork: Near the trackís end, the road forks in twain. Go left, or rather, stay on the main road -- itís safer and faster than taking the right road, which is narrower, riskier and not any faster.

Dirt Path: After passing the lake and a few more curves, a small yellow road sign followed by a small dirt should appear. Drive down the dirt path quickly, slowing down near the ramp at the end, and pick up the road at the end.

Bonus Courses

In the Championship Mode, gamers are rewarded with new seasons and variations of tracks. There are five courses, four seasons, day/night, and mirror tracks. The Tracks are Coastline, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, and Stripmine. Jungle, Mountain, and Stripmine open up after you beat certain courses. The Mirror courses open up after achieving the proper point total in Championship, and beating all of the seasons.

Stripmine To get to the Strip Mine, achieve first place on all of the races in the last season (Season 6). You can also get a mirror version of the Stripmine, too!

Credits Cheat

A version of the credits is accessible any time in the options menu. But there are different credits, with the Strip Mine shown in the background, that are a little more interesting: Go to Options, click on the Credits icon, then press left (on the D-pad), down C, right (on the D-pad), down (on the D-pad), and Z.

Cupra Car

Finish the third year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Expert and Professional), and you will receive the Cupra Car. Essentially, this is an ice cube floating on top of four wheels. It doesn't have any special odomoter or features, but it handles nicely and drives as fast as only an ice cube could.

Helmet Car

If you beat the Expert Mode on the second season you will get the helmet car and the mirror of the Strip Mine.

Bonus Cars

New cars are awarded each time you beat a season. There are as many as eight bonus cars.

You start of with:
1. Type-LD (Lancia Delta)
2. Type-ES (Escort Cosworth)

Second Season
3. Type-CE (Toyota Celica)
4. Type-IP (Isuzu P)

Third Season
5. Type-M3 (BMW M3)
6. Type-SP (Toyota Supra)

Fourth Season
7. Type-NS (Nissan GTIR)
8. Type-RS (Ford RS 200)

Fifth Season
9. Type-PS (Porsche)

Mirror Season
10. The amazing Milk Truck
11. The Helmet Car

Milk Truck

After beating the first season, you are rewarded with the ultimate in off-road racers...The Milk Truck.

God Bless you Boss Games Studios. Dairy Lovers salute you the world over.