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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Codes



Level Skipping and Boss Warps

This is one everyone has been weaiting for, the all-purpose code for skipping levels and warping to bosses:

Enter: NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK and you're all set. Yeah, baby!

Purdy Colors

Change the colors of almost all objects into rainbow-striped backgrounds. Enter: LLTHCLRSFTHRNB

Quack Mode

Quack Moe is another fairly useless code. It looks as if the anti-aliasing is turned off or at least down, making pixelation very clear. Also, blood from enemies appears in white blocks. Very strange indeed. Enter: CLLTHTNMTN

See All Enemies

This code shows the location of the enemies on your map as Red arrows. Enter: NSTHMNDNT

Dana Mode

This code is hilarious. All of the enemies metamorphize into tiny little insect-size creatures. Their abilities to attack you, however, aren't lessened, they're the same, so don't be fooled. Type in: DNCHN

Gregs Mode

Greg's Mode is a combination code comprised of all weapons, unlimited ammo, big head sesh, and show credits, (it's essentially a variation of Robin's Code). Type in GRGCHN for this code to work.

Robin's Cheat

Use Robin's Cheat to enable a variety of codes, including unlimited weapons, unlimited ammunition, show credits, big heads, and invincibility (not Spiritual Invincibility, the good old fashioned kind that doesn't flash). Enter: RBNSMTH

All Weapons

Get all of the weapons, including the final one, the Chronoscepter! Woo-hoo! Type in: CMGTSMMGGTS


To see the credits of the fine folk who created this game, type in: FDTHMGS.

Disco Mode

What can we say about the Disco Mode... Certainly less advantageous than, say, the Infinite lives or All Ammo codes, the nefarious Disco Mode does add a little spice to game much in need of a little Bee-Gees action. Type in: SNFFRR

Gallery Code

This is the code to get Gallery. This code enables gamers to see the entire list of semi-animated enemies from beginning to end. It's cool. Type in: THBST.

Infinite Ammo

This is for most people who just can't resist checking out the Chronoscepter (and all the others). Type in: BLLTSRRFRND

Infinite Lives

Enter this code and get an infinite amount of lives. You'll start off at the latest check point or save area, which ain't too bad. Type in: FRTHSTHTTRLSCK

Pen and Ink Mode(wireframe)

A strange visual take on Turok. This Mode enables gamers to play in black and white, where every detail and outline is rendered in sketch pad looking images -- black lines on white background. Try this with Disco mode! Type in: DLKTDR

Spirit Mode

This should have been named Peyote mode, or Under the Influence Mode, due to the slow, hallucinatory movement of enemies and the strange hazy glow all about you. This is expecially cool to watch when you have have the Fusion Cannon. Essentially, Turok moves extremely fast in Spirit Mode while everything else moves very slow, and he is invincable during the short span it lasts. Type in THSSLKSCL for Spirit Mode.