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WarGods Codes



War God random select

When selecting a War God (at the god selection screen) hold start and press up. This will randomly select a War God for you.

Free play mode

On the title screen press C left, C left, R, A, B, C up, C right. This gives you unlimited play.

Cheat Menu

The cheat menu enables players additional options, including the use of easy fatalities. Just press A + B and the top and right C buttons simultaneously after having beaten an opponent and the fatality will take place. (Take note that each player must be a certain distance away from the opponent to perform these correctly.) To enable the cheat press the D pad right three times, then hit B twice and A twice (RRR, BB, AA).

Play as Exor

On the selection screen hit Left, Down, Down, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, and choose any character. We found this works better with the analog stick than the D-pad.

Play as Grox

On the character selection screen, hit Down, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Left, and choose any character. We found this worked better with the analog joystick than the D-Pad.

Player moves, fatalities and combos

Basic Moves
Flying Punch: U/UF/UB+HP/LP
Flying Kick: U/UF/UB+HK/LK)
Crouching Ankle Kick: D+LK
Crouching Kick: D+HK
Crouching Punch: D+LP
Uppercut: D+HP
Fierce Kick: B+HK
Sweep: B+LK Throw: F+LP (Close)
Run: F,F
Walk in 3rd: (3D)U/D
Slide in 3rd: (3D)U,U/D,D
Jump in 3rd: (3D+BL)U/D

Ground Moves
Pounce: U+HP,U+HP,U+HP (while opponent is down)
Evasive Manouver: B+BL (while you are down)
Get-Up Attack: F+HP+LP (while you are down)

Combo Starters
Ahau Kin/Cy-5: B,F,HK
All others: B,F,HP
(or just run and HP)

Basic Finishers
Ahau Kin/Cy-5 AutoCombo: (3D)B,F,HK
AutoCombo for all others: (3D)B,F,HP

Ring Specials ("Pits")
Fierce Kick: (3D)B+HK (Close)
Uppercut: D+HP (Close)

Missles: D,B,LP
Seekers: (3D)D,B,LP
Quake Punch: (3D)B,D,F,HP
Cannonball: B,F,HK+LK
Crusher: F,B,HP
CC: HPx2,LPx2,LKx2,HKx2,LP
Breaker: 3D,B,B,F,HP
FATAL: F,D,B,HK (Half Ring)

Kabuki Jo
Short Fire: B,F,LP
Medium Fire: B,B,F,LP
Long Fire: B,B,B,F,LP
Staff: F,D,B,HP,LP,LK
StarThrow: D,F,HP
FireTrap: B,D,F,LK
CW StarSpread: (3D)D,F,HP
CCW StarSpread: (3D)D,F,LP
Sword Fury: F,F,HP+LP
CC: HP,HK,LPx2,HK+LK,D,F,HK+LK Breaker: 3D,U,D,U+LK
FATAL: B,D,F,HK+LK (Sweep)

Blender: D,B,HP
Laser: B,D,F,LP
Overhead Laser: (3D)B,D,F,HP
Teleport: D,B,LK
Gain Orbital: B,B,LP (Up to 4)
Fire Orbital: Gain, HP+LP
CC #1: HK,F,D,B,HPx2,LPx2
Breaker: 3D,D,U+HP+LK
FATAL: B,B,HP (Half Ring)

Rock Crush: D,B,HP
Boulder: D,F,LP
Quake Stomp: (3D)B,D,F,LK
PowerSlam: F,B,HP
Body Rack: F,B,HP-U,U,D
Vertical Suplex: F,B,L
CC: HPx2,LPx2,LKx2,HPx2,HK
Breaker: 3D,B,F+HP
FATAL: B,D,F,LP+HK (Close)

Skeleton Trap: B,D,F,LP
Teleport: D,D,LK
Lightning: D,B,HP
Leg Flip: F,F,HK
CopterKick: D,F,HK+LK (HK+LK to continue it, B/F to move)
Breaker: B,B,B,F+HK+LK
FATAL: B,F,LP (Half Ring) B

Dragon Trap: F,D,B,HP
Shield Slice: D+B,LP
Axe Throw: D,F,LP
Double Axe Throw: (3D)D,F,LP
Sword Slash: B,F,HP
Shield Dash: B,F,HK+LK
Double Sword Slice: (LP)F,B,HP
Axe Chop: B,B,HP
Breaker: 3D,D,B+LK
FATAL: F,F,LK (Close)

Hammer: D+F,LP
HammerThrow: D+B,HP
Shockwave: (3D)U,D,LP
Noogie: F,F,HP (HP to add up to 3)
Net: B,F,HP+LP
Headbutt: B,F,LP
Reversal: B,HP (opp attacking)
Breaker: F,F+HP+LP
FATAL: (3D)F,F,HP+LP (Close)

Ahau Kin
BlowGun: B,F,HP
Double BlowGun: B,B,F,HP
Tripple BlowGun: B,B,B,F,HP
Sunburst: B,F,LP
Teleport: D,U,LK
Clothesline: F,F,HK+LK
Dagger: D,F,LP
Sword Swipe: D,B,HP (F+HP for extra swipe)
Breaker: F,B,F,B+HK+LK
FATAL: (3D)U,D,U,HK (Close)

Bat Attacks: D,B,HP
Low Bat Attack: D,B,LP
Snake Pull-in: B,B,LP
Teleport: B,F,LK
NailDown: (3D)B,D,F,HP
Spinning Claw: B,F,HP+LP (HP+LP to continue spinning)
Bitch Slap: F,B,LP (LP for more)
Breaker: F,D,B+HP+LP
FATAL: B,F,LP (Half Ring)

Staff Chop: D+F,HK
Staff Sweep: D,B,LK
Staff Spark: D+F,HP
Teleport Attack: B,F,LK
Horn Charge: F,D,B,HK+LK Pyramid Containment: D+B,LP
Breaker: 3D,B,U,F+HK
FATAL: F,D,B,HP+LK (Half Ring)

Belly Splash: B,F,HK+LK
Ragdoll Throw: F,B,LP (Close)
Hammer Fist: F,F,HP
Shockwave Stomp: B,U,F,LK
Forearm Attack: B,F,HP
Belly Bump: B,F,HP+LP
MiniStomp: F+HP (Close)

Force Field: F,F,HP
Containment Orb: F,D,B,HP
Grounded Laser: B,D,F,LP
Arial Laser: F,F,HK
Arial MultiLaser #1: B,B,HP+LP
Arial MultiLaser #2: B,F,HP+LP
Teleport: F,F,LK
Teleport Arial Laser: F,D,B,HK
Telekinetic Slam: F+LP
Turn-Around Backfist: B,B,LP

N64 Cheats
Cheat Menu (added to Options): At title screen - Right,Right,Right,B,B,A,A
Free Play (Ultimited Credits): At title screen - CL,CL,Right,A,B,CU,CR
Play as Grox: At selection screen - D,R,L,L,U,D,R,U,L,L
Play as Exor: At selection screen - L,D,D,R,L,U,L,U,R,D
Easy Fatals: Just HP+LP+HK+LK for Fatal when enabled in cheat menu