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Wetrix Codes



Make Waves

This code will only work if the background on your main screen is GREEN (see below). While on the main menu where you select the mode of gameplay, if you hold C-up, a tall spike of water rises from the pool. Move the control stick while holding C-Up and the column of water moves across the pool, graphically demonstrating the amazing water physics engine in this game. (Move the stick rapidly to really stir things up.) Holding C-Down results in an inverted spike, which looks like a vortex in the water.

Change Floor Sets

Complete all 16 practice rounds (8 1UP/CPU and 8 1UP). The background color of the main screen will now change to red. Go to the options screen and you'll see a new option called floor. This will let you choose from many different floor sets such as the Mona Lisa and the American Flag.

New Set of Pieces

To change the tedrads from T and L shaped pieces to triangles, short bars and large squares, first complete all practice rounds. You will then have a red background. Then get an "OK" rating in all modes except practice and multiplay. (When you get an "OK" rating, game icons will flash green.) Once you have achieved an "OK" rating in all required sections, your background color will change to green. Then in all modes of play except practice, you'll see a little blue guy. He represents the default pieces. Click on him and you'll see a duck. This represents the new set. Pick one and get wet, baby!