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To enter yourself in my in my n64 contest, answer all the questions(You can enter as many times as you want, but the entries must be spaced out over 48 hours or they won't count. So enter often, you might win!). I will e-mail the winner and ask for their address to mail them their prize.* The contest will change when I get enough entries. Good luck!



1. The names of the 2 "hidden" levels:

2. Three different kinds of MINES that can be used in multiplayer:

3. How many guard towers are in the level The Dam:

4. What is the Goldeneye:

5. How many bombs have to be defused on Frigate on 007 difficulty setting:

6. What is the color of the flag on the front of the Frigate ship:

7. What two-digit number is painted throughout the side of the Frigate ship:

8. How many survalance cameras are in the 1'st bunker:

If you feel that nothing has happend after you press submit, e-mail me with your answers to win the BIG prize!!!(it really only take a few seconds!)

*If the winner is a resident of a country wich requires me to pay shipping and handling, and or postage charges, they must send me all the fees (except cost of prize) in order to receive the prize via mail, or not accept prize.