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July 27 1998:

The 1998 E3 Convention Coverage

This years E3 Convention will display some of the hottest games that you will be seeing on the shelves in stores near you. Today we will tell what games they will be showing and take a look at Conker 64, Turok 2, and Mission Impossible. So, here are just 15 of the games that will be displayed:
* Zelda 64............................* Silicon Valley
* Earthbound 64..................* Shadow Gate
* Earthworm Jim 3-D..........* Lode Runner 64
* Buck Bumble....................* Space Circus
* Survivor...........................* True Golf Classics
* Madden NFL '99..............* NBA Jam '99
* F-Zero X..........................* Top Gear Overdrive
* Wipeout 64

Twelve Tales: Conker 64:
Twelve Tales: Conker 64 has come on in leaps and bounds since it was shown at E3 '97. So much content has been added that it's hard to know where to start: for instance, there are four different ways to play the game.
The single-player presents three challenges depending on wether you chose to control Conker (action-based, with the squirrel attacking enemies directly) or Berri (strategy-based, nuturing a monster companion and using it to comfort enemies). Players can also take Conker's owl companion, turning the game into a shoot-'em-up. Then there's the twin player story mode-no arguments about who gets to play the game! Two players can team up on a splitscreen display, one controlling Conker and the other controlling the owl.
But the icing on the cake has to be the battle mode for up to four players, where different characters get to fight it out to the last.
Add to that the stunning surround sound, intelligent enemy behaviour (with an unprecedented number of enemies on screen), and changing game time-which affects play in a number of ways, like bringing on challenging foes with the onset of night-and you've got enough features to keep you engrossed for a long time. The game even features real time character emotions, which are evolving all the time to provide Conker and friends with a wide range of reactions to their environment. Watch out fot Twelve Tales-there's a lot more to it than meets the eye!

Turok 2:
Last year, Turok proved to be a mammoth success for the 3-D shooting genre. This year Acclaim is bringing Turok back for another season of dinosaur hunting in a new eight-world adventure that promises to be more omnious and dangerous than before.
Enemies will have heightened and specialized sets of artificial that will more than often turn Turok into the hunted than the hunter. And if 40-plus varieties of enemy weren't unpredictable enough, players will be able to play out two multiplayer scenarios, so they can prey upon one another in a four-player hunt or team up three-against-one in a game of tag. In a sequel that has evolved eras beyond its predecessor, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil gaurantees that dinosaur hunting won't be extinct for a long time.

Mission Impossible:
Inspired by the cloack-and-dagger movie, Mission Impossible will submerge players in 5 covert missions spanning 20 cosmopolitan levels. As IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, players will sneak through the CIA, clash in London, and infiltrate the embassy in Russia. While the bullets fly, Ethan will have to watch his back as well as the backs of his IMF teammates, who will each prove crucial to a successful mission. While the game will inevitably draw comparisons to GoldenEye 007, MI will differ by displaying a third-person perspective, emphasizing camaraderie, and enabling players to jump over obstacles. And with the added bonus of being able to disguise characters with the IMF's trademark masks, could anyone disavow MI? Impossible.

July 25 1998:

Goldeneye: Best Game Of The Year

The Video Software Dealers Association, a widely known organization that honors achievements in the Home Entertainment market, recently rated Rare's Goldeneye 007 "Videogame of the Year." The recognition comes as a victory to system-dueling Nintendo 64 owners on USEnet, who have long argued that the Nintendo 64 has "...better games than the PSuX." PlayStation-owning USEnet frequenters have already responded, calling the rating "reedikulus." On a serious note, I feel that the rating is totally deserved and is relieved to see that widespread critics are recognizing Rare's superb 3D shooter.