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Publisher Developer Release Date Type
4x4 Mud Monsters Take 2/GOD Edge Of Reality March 1999 Racing
Air Boardin' U.S.A Ascii Entertainment Human Entertainment Sept. 1998 Sports
Battle Tanx 3DO 3DO June 1999 Action
Body Harvest Midway DMA Design Sept. 1998 3D Shooter/RPG
Bomberman Hero Nintendo Hudson Soft Aug. 31 1998 Adventure
Buck Bumble Ubi Soft Argonaut Sept. 30 1998 3D Shooter
Castlevania 64 Konami Konami Nov. 1998 Adventure
Ceasers Palace Crave Entertainment Lobotomy Software June 1999 Simulation/Casino
Chameleon Twist 2 SunSoft Japan System Supply Dec. 1998 Adventure
College Hoops '99 Fox Interactive Z-Axis Oct. 1998 Sports
Cruisin' World Nintendo Eurocom Development Sept. 26 1998 Racing
Daikatana TBA Ion Storm Feb. 1999 3D Shooter
Deadly Arts Konami Konami June 1999 Fighting
Deth Cars GT Interactive Beam Software Sept. 1999 Racing
Dezaemon 3D Athena Athena June 1999 Action
Dragon Storm None Interactive Studios Feb. 1999 Action
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour GT Interactive Eurocom Feb. 1999 3D Shooter
Earthbound 64 Nintendo Nintendo, Hal March 1999 RPG
Earthworm Jim 3D Interplay Vis Interactive Nov. 1998 Adventure
Emperor Of The Jungle Nintendo Nintendo April 1999 Adventure
Extreme-G 2 Acclaim Probe Oct. 1998 Racing
F1 World Grand Prix Nintendo Paradigm Released Racing
Fighting Force 64 Eidos Core Oct. 12 1998 Adventure/Fighting
Flying Dragon Culture Brain Natsume Aug. 24 1998 Fighting
Freak Boy Virgin Virgin On Hold Adventure
F-Zero X Nintendo Nintendo Oct. 26 1998 Racing
Gex: Enter The Gecko Midway Crystal Dynamics Aug. 26 1998 Adventure
Glover Hasbro Interactive Interactive Studios Oct. 1998 Platform
GT 64: Championship Edition Ocean Imagineer Sept. 1998 Racing
Harrier 2000 Video System U.S.A Paradign Entertainment Jan. 1999 Flying
Hybrid Heaven Konami Konami April 1999 Adventure/Platform
Iggy's Reckin' Balls Acclaim Iguana Released Racing
In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 Take 2 Take 2 Interactive Dec. 1998 Simulation/Sports
I.S.Soccer 64 Konami Major A Aug. 26 Sports
Jeff Gordon Racing ASC Games Real Sports June 1999 Racing
Jest Ocean Curved Logic June 1999 Adventure
Jet Force Gemini Rare Rare July 1999 Action/Flying
Kirby 64 Nintendo Hal Laboratories June 1999 Action
Knife Edge Kemco Kemco Sept. 30 1998 Action
Last Legion UX Mind Scape Hudson Soft May 1999 Action
The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time Nintendo Nintendo Nov. 23 1998 Adventure/RPG
Legend Of The River King Natsume Pack-In-Soft Dec. 1998 Action/RPG
Madden NFL '99 E.A E.A Nov. 1998 Sports
Mario Artist: Picture Maker Nintendo Nintendo Jan. 1999 Drawing
Mario Artist: Polygon Maker Nintendo Nintendo Jan. 1999 Drawing
Micro Machines 64 Midway Codemasters Nov. 23 1998 Racing
Milo's Astro Lanes Crave Entertainment Player 1 Nov. 1998 Sports
Nascar '99 E.A. Sports Stormfront Studios Nov. 1998 Racing
NBA Jam '99 Acclaim Iguana Nov. 1998 Sports
NBA Live '99 E.A E.A Dec. 1998 Sports
NFL Q.B Club '99 Acclaim Iguana Aug. 1998 Sports
NFL Blitz Midway Midway Sept. 29 1998 Sports
NHL Breakaway '99 Electronic Arts E.A. Sports Nov. 1998 Sports
O.D.T Psygnosis Psygnosis Jan. 1999 Action/3D Shooter
Ogre Battle 3 Quest Quest Jan. 1999 Strategy
Penny Racers THQ Takara Oct. 1998 Racing
Perfect Dark Rare Rare Dec. 1999 3D Shooter/RPG
Pikachu Genki Decho Nintendo Marigul Feb. 1999 Simulation
Pokemon Snap Nintendo Nintendo Co. Ltd. Feb. 1999 Simulation
Pokemon Stadium Nintendo Nintendo Feb. 1999 Simulation
Quake 2 Activision A.S.P. Dec. 1998 3D Shooter
Rakuga Kids Konami KCEO April 1999 Fighting
Rat Attack Mind Scape Pure April 1999 Action
Rev Limit Seta Seta June 1999 Racing
Roadsters '98 Titus Titus Nov. 1998 Racing
Robotech: Crystal Dreams Philips Gametek Oct. 1998 Action
Rugrats THQ N-Space Dec. 1998 Adventure/Cartoon
Rush 2 Midway Atari Games Nov. 1998 Racing
S.C.A.R.S. Ubi Soft Vivid Image Dec. 1998 Racing
Shadowgate Kemco Kemco Dec. 18 1998 Adventure
Shadowman Acclaim Ensemble June 1999 Action/Adventure
Sim City 64 Nintendo Nintendo June 1999 Simulation
Space Circus Ocean Infogames Oct. 1998 Adventure
Space Station: Silicon Valley Take 2 DMA Design Oct. 1998 Adventure
Spookey Ice Ice Dec. 1998 Adventure/Platform
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth Hudson Soft Hudson Soft March 1999 Action
Star Wars: Rouge Squadron Lucas Arts Factor 5/Lucas Arts Dec. 1998 Flying/Action
Starcraft Nintendo Blizzard May 1999 Strategy
Super Mario RPG 2 Nintendo Hal Laboratories Feb. 1999 RPG
Super Robot Spirits Banpresto Banpresto June 1999 Fighting
Superman: Animated Series Titus Titus Sept. 1998 Action/Adventure
Survivor: Day 1 Konami Konami March 1999 Action
Taisen Puzzle Dama Konami Konami Jan. 1999 Puzzle
TEO Nintendo Nintendo March 1999 Simulation
Thornado Factor 5 Factor 5 May 1999 Action
Tonic Trouble Ubi Soft Ubi Soft Nov. 30 1998 Adventure
Top Gear Overdrive Kemco Snowblind Nov. 15 Racing
Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Acclaim Iguana Oct. 1998 3D Shooter
Twelve Tales: Conker 64 Nintendo Rare Oct. 26 1998 Adventure
Twisted Edge Snowboarding Midway/Kemco Boss Game Studios Sept. 1998 Sports
Ultra Descent Interplay Interplay April 1999 3D Shooter
Virtual Pool 64 Crave Entertainment Celeris Oct. 2 1998 Simulation
Waialae CC: T.G.C Nintendo T&E Soft Released Sports
WCW vs. NWO Revenge THQ Asmik Nov. 1998 Sports
Wild Metal Country Gremlin DMA Design March 1999 Action
Winback Koei Koei Jan. 1999 3D Shooter
Wipeout 64 Psygnosis Psygnosis June 1999 Racing
WWF Warzone Acclaim Iguana West Aug. 5 1998 Sports