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Bomberman Hero Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Hudson Soft
Platform - N64
Release Date - August 31 1998
Type - Adventure

Hudson Soft and Nintendo are back at it again with a sequel to the original Bomberman 64. Hudson Soft has learned from their mistakes in the game and has improved by adding lots of cool features. In Bomberman Hero, Bomberman will have 3 new features that you'll be able to use... Super Jump, remote-control bombs, and multi-bomb roll. You'll find out that those features will be useful in blowing up lots of enemies in the game. There are 60 levels in 5 planets, so you'll need something to help you move along in the game. That's why there is Bombercopter, Bomberjet, Bombermarine, and Bomberslider. Each of them having their own cool little features that will help you speed through the levels and find Princess Millian. You'll also have 2 new buddies to help you out... Pinbot ( a cyborg ) and Louis ( Bomberman's faithful steed ). We don't really know in which areas they will be able to help Bomberman out, but we do know that they will be able to act at your command. Bomberman Hero is set to come out on August 31st... you'll want to pick up your copy of this game.