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Buck Bumble Preview

Publisher - Ubi Soft
Developer - Argonaut
Platform - N64
Release Date - September 30 1998
Type - Shoot 'Em Up

Get ready to buzzz! Buck Bumble is not your ordinary shoot em up. The main character, Buck, is a bee, don't be fooled though, Buck is no ordinary bee. He has mechanical enhancements that make him state of the art for flying and advanced weaponry. His goal, to defeat the Queen of the evil bug herd, but this is no easy accomplishment. Throughout this bug's small world are many enemies trying to take him out, ranging from attack bees to giant caterpillars. Using an arsenal of more than 15 weapons Buck will attempt to make his way through over 22 missions. Talk about excitement!

In addition to the single player game, there is a 2 player option in the works. Unfortunately there is no co-op planned which seems to be missing from all shooters so far. Nonetheless, the 2-player mode looks to be intriguing, with many play options to occupy your time.

With the same development team who did the original Star Fox on the SNES, you know the graphics will be excellent. From what I've seen in the various screenshots that are scattered around the Net, Argonaut is living up to it's reputation. Buck Bumble looks very intense with action around every corner. This little bee really knows how to blow stuff up, as shown by the eye stunning explosions.

Buck Bumble, scheduled for release sometime this fall, will satisfy those who were disappointed with Aerofighters Assault, and will also give every gamer a taste of what our world looks like through the eyes of an insect. That sure isn't something any other game offers!