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CastleVania 64 Preview

Publisher - Konami
Developer - Konami
Platform - N64
Release Date - November 1998
Type - Adventure

Ok this should be a good game for older, more mature gamers. (Finally a bloody game on n64) Konami, the people behind the masterpiece ISS 64, and the promising title Hybird Heaven will develop this game. From the looks of the game, still in early development it looks like this should shape up to be similar to Resident Evil 1& 2. Although Konami says it will be almost nothing like RE I don't believe that, Zombies, Cut-Scenes during levels or after activating something, sound like RE to me. The few differences make a big impact though. I bet you'd like to know those few differences that we know about huh? Well ok, first there should be 4 characters, the main one being Schenider Belmont. Yes, this game will continue the Belmont name in the Castlevania games. The others are that there will be different weapons such as possibly; a dagger, whip, magic and magic spells, hand to hand combat, and last but not least an OIL POWERED CHAINSAW! At this stage in development there are currently no guns what so ever, but that could change.

As far as the story goes Mr. Belmont was at his home training for something and he caught word that Dracula was back from the dead or non-dead. Well Belmont took his whip and dagger up to Dracula's castle, and the game begins. As for the enemies, they have a bit of a soft spot, the daytime. In the day the Vampires and Hellhounds hide in the shadows and aren't quite as strong, so all you have to do if they attack in the day is get them to step into the light. In the night though, in the night, they just get incredibly strong and mean. If you walk out of Dracula's house in the dark, all I can say is watch your back unless you want to be eatenalive. Also from what I've heard the crosses from the original series, if included, will play a role in the game. I personally never heard of the game until a friend got it and then I became hooked, it's that fun. Just imagine the 2-D games from NES and SNES were fun now how about 3-D? I've also seen some screens where it looks like a giant lizard guy is hanging Belmont from a rope. (Could just be the anticipation right.) Anyway the graphics are slightly choppy, but that is due to the early version of pics, and the day night feature could turn out to be as good as that of Zelda 64.

Let's hope Konami gives whoever is developing the game enough time to make it a good game, and not have them push it to the expected Christmas 1998 release date. That wouldn't be smart anyway because Zelda is coming out and anything else probably won't get much attention.