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Chameleon Twist 2 Preview

Publisher - SunSoft
Developer - JapanSystemSupply
Platform - N64
Release Date - December 1998
Type - Adventure

Only months after the release of Chameleon Twist, Japan System Supply is already in the works with the second wacky 3D action game.

Like in the original, players are cast in the roles of "mutant space chameleons," jumping, swinging and munching their way through six levels loaded with monsters and traps. The twist -- as always: Your only weapon is your tongue.

Using the 3D stick in conjunction with the B-Button, you can attack and swallow your enemies whole, spit them back out, pole vault, and even latch on to objects and swing from platform to platform. Wheras the predecessor offered a four-player battle mode in addition to the Super Mario-64 style one-player mode, Chameleon Twist 2 is only a single player game. Admittedly, the battle mode in Chameleon Twist sucked, but what's up with the recent trend in Japanese games to leave out the multiplayer modes (Bomberman Hero, anyone)?

The levels in Chameleon Twist range from the usual castle, cloud, and platform worlds to very Goemonesque Japanese Jidaigeki scenes.

Chameleon Twist will ship on a 96 megabit cartridge with a built-in EEPROM and support memory and rumble paks.

Electro Source is planning to distribute the game in the US.