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Deadly Arts Preview

Publisher - Konami
Developer - Konami
Platform - N64
Release Date - June 1999
Type - Fighting

Konami, hot off the success of International Superstar Soccer 64 and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, has finally decided on a US name for its 3D fighter, Deadly Arts.
Formerly known as Battle Dancers or G.A.S.P., Deadly Arts puts one or two players in control of 12 fighters, each with their own anime-inspired character art.
Deadly Arts looks like a cross between Street Fighter, Toshinden and Virtua Fighter, borrowing elements from all three games. One of the fighters looks nearly identical to Eiji from Toshinden; another resembles Sarah from Virtual fighter and yet another is a picture-perfect copy of Chun Li from Street Fighter.
But don't worry, there is plenty of originality too. How's this for starters: players can fully customize their character, alter his or her appearance, hair-do, height and weight, train the fighter and save everything to a memory pak. This little feature makes battles against your friends all the more personal.
It's hard to determine exactly how the finished product will play, but it looks like the fighting arenas will play a major role. Not only can you pin people to walls, you can also knock down pieces of the background and break blocks. So far everything seems to be running smoothly and nearly glitch free, with motion-captured animation and full Rumble Pak support.
Expect Deadly Arts to appear in the US this spring.