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Deth Cars Preview

Publisher - GT Interactive
Developer - Beam Software
Platform - N64
Release Date - September 1999
Type - Racing

Beam International announced at E3 that it was considering to bring two of its upcoming PC titles to N64. Although PC gamers will mostly know Beam for the realtime strategy game KKND, the Melbourne-based developer has been around forever and is fondly remembered for text adventures based on JRR Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings back in the 8-bit compurer days.

Reminiscent of Twisted Metal, DethCarz pits players against each other with 25th century battle cars.

The game will feature a total of four different environments, split up into 12 tracks. Rather than the usual straightways, tunnels and curves of most racers, Beam says it's aiming for wild track layouts with incredible jumps and stunts and tons of obstacles.

Although players select from only four different cars, each vehicles attributes can be tinkered with to achieve unique handling, combat abilities, and racing characterisitcs.

There are three different modes:

*Arcade: Battle other cars in this survival race
*Championship: The usual collection of multiple tracks
*Time-Trial: Races against the clock

On top of that, there will be a mirror mode and different race classes and hidden vehicles for enhanced replay value.

Beam is still keeping quiet about the specifics of the N64 version, but we're betting that Rumble Pak support and a multiplayer mode are at the top of the list.

Developed under Beam's Melbourne House label, GT Interactive will publish DethCarz in North America in fall '99. We will let you know the specifics of this game as soon as we find out more.