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Dragon Storm Preview

Publisher - NONE
Developer - Interactive Studios
Platform - N64
Release Date - February 1999
Type - Action

Although the name Dragon Storm has been popping up on Nintendo’s release lists once in a while, information about the game’s content, genre, or story has been a well-kept secret.

Programmed in the UK, this surprise arcade action game is apparently making it to the N64. So far, the game’s alleged publisher, MGM, has not confirmed that a Nintendo 64 version is under development (in fact, MGM has not announced any N64 projects), but secret custodian sources swear on their broomsticks that it’s coming out.

Set in the Middle Ages amidst wizards and dragons, Dragon Storm mixes fast-paced action with exploration, adventure, and strategy. Gameplay reportedly involves four-player hack'n'slash action, comparable to a polygonal Final Fight.

The story involves the magical land of Tengarra, which has fallen into the hands of the evil Queen Zordanthia. Without a spark of goodness in her soul, Zordanthia has dedicated her life to terrorizing Tengerra’s inhabitants and uses her hoards of dark creatures to wreak havoc where she can. But when the former Grand Wizard of Tengerra returns after 100 years of meditation, the scared inhabitants see a glimmer of hope at the horizon. The wizard manages to find the descendants of the country’s three great heroes, Morpheus, Kage, and Tia. With the help of Tengerra’s magical Earth Stones and mystical creatures, the four set out to free the lands from the clutches of the malevolent queen.

Dragon Storm is said to be very early in development, so don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Actually, it’s safe to say that you should NEVER hold your breath waiting for an N64 title...

We will report more about Dragon Storm when MGM or another publisher is ready to formally announce it or confirm the game's existance. Until then, remember that this game does not exist. Anything you saw was probably just a weather balloon.