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EarthWorm Jim 3D Preview

Publisher - Interplay
Developer - Vis Interactive
Platform - N64
Release Date - November 1998
Type - Adventure

Earthworm Jim makes a return and stretches his annelid self from the 2-D worlds of the past into blazing 3-D! Obviously realizing that all his fans have started losing interest in Mr. Worm himself due to the antics of other characters like Mario and Bomberman, all who made the jump to 3-D a while back, Jim must do something to spark interest once again. What better way than to star in your own 3-D game.

Earthworm Jim has always been known as a creative and zany title. This installment is no different, the story begins when a giant cow knocks Jim unconscious. Now Jim must do battle in his own mind, battling the skeletons in his closet, and the demons of his subconscious. Sounds typical of a Shiny Entertainment game doesn't it? Well Earthworm Jim 3-D is far less than typical.

The slapstick humor, present in all Earthworm Jim games, will bring a smirk to your face, if not make you bust out laughing. All of Jim's out of suit moves, plus more, are available to use at your will in all 6 wacky worlds. Now that Jim is in the third dimension, all levels will be free roaming, no more confined side scrolling. With over 80 eerie enemies to deal with, Jim better be able to roam freely!

Earthworm Jim 3-D appears to be a promising title that will continue the flair of the EWJ series with added excitement and graphical wow. Slated for a fall release gamers of all ages will have a wacky title to look forward to before Christmas rolls around.