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Emperor Of The Jungle Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Nintendo
Platform - N64
Release Date - April 1999
Type - Adventure

One of Miyamoto's most secretive games in development, Emperor of the Jungle may ring in a new generation of adventure games. The game is very, very early in development, so things could totally change until its release. The story line is perhaps the most demystified detail of the game, which is kind of long and intricate. It will be interesting to see how they pass the plot on to the gamer. Maybe an extremely long cinema sequence?

The setting is Africa. The time is unknown (but probably in the past). European hunters set out to make a kill. They find a lion and his mate, and kill him. The expecting mother, Snowene, is now a widow and being shipped off to Europe to be sold to a zoo. While in a boat sailing across the Mediterranean, she bears Kimba. The little white lion cub somehow escapes from the hunters. By instinct, he returns to his parents' homelands in Africa. There, he confronts his father's old friends including Dan'l Baboon, Bucky Deer, and Pauley Cracker.

At first he's encouraged to simply take his father's place as Emperor of the Jungle. But Kimba is kind of a pacifist flower child. He wants his kingdom to be a peaceful society. He thinks that eating meat is a sin, and that all of the kingdom should become vegetarians. Fights with pro meat animals occur, but Kimba eventually gains control. His peaceful animal kingdom is now embodied.