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F1 World Grand Prix Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Paradigm
Platform - N64
Release Date - Released
Type - Racing

F-1 World Grand Prix looks to hold itís own against itís PSX competition when it hitís the stores this summer. The game is loaded with options that F-1 fans and gamers alike will appreciate. Sunny, cloudy or rainy weather, damage, warning flags, race lengths are just a few. You also can have complete control during pit stops and make changes and repairs quickly so you wonít lose much time.

The game even includes driver to crew radio transmissions to give itself even more of a simulation feel. It will also include three levels of difficulty from beginners to advanced. F-1 World Grand Prix is packed with different ways to race, five in all, World Grand Prix mode, Two-Player mode, Time Trial mode, Exhibition mode, and one option yet to be confirmed.

Expect a lot from this game which was made by the same team that made Pilotwings 64 and Aero Fighters Assault. They have much experience now and proved themselves early with Pilotwings 64. They will use rich textures, great sound and even better play control to give the game a simulation feel.