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Flying Dragons Preview

Publisher - Culture Brain
Developer - Natsume
Platform - N64
Release Date - August 24 1998
Type - Fighting

Natsume and Culture Brain promise to offer a unique fighter that is slated for release among many fighters this summer. Flying Dragons is said to offer two modes of gameplay with ten characters offered in each mode, thus making a total of twenty fighters to choose from (not including hidden fighters). SD mode is the first way to play, the characters are shorter deformed looking, and the gameplay is completely different from the other mode. There are items you can collect to strengthen your fighter and it's almost RPG based. The other mode stretches out your characters, resembling fighters from other fighting games, in this mode fighting is the key and the items are removed. Plus in the options menu the game is ultra configurable, Natsume claims that the game can be customized to mimic your favorite fighter.

Flying Dragon definetely looks to offer a refreshing new feel to the over redundant genre of fighting games. As of now Flying Dragons is going through a quick translation, the music and graphics are being tweaked to suffice to us players in the states, and the camera angle is even being tilted up a bit, heh no holds barred I guess. Hopefully we see this game in the month of June sometime, it should be one to keep an eye out for, we'll keep you updated.