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F-Zero 64 Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Nintendo
Platform - N64
Release Date - October 26 1998
Type - Racing

The racer that broke new grounds is back and it looks ten times better on the N64! Yes all the original cars are back, and the tracks in F-Zero 64 are in full 3D. The tracks contain full 360 loops and in some cases the cars hang upside-down! Curves and twists make this game almost seem like WipeOut XL, but this looks like an extreme advancement from Wipeout.

What you may not have noticed in the original is that the races took place over a city. This was not very clear because the original was done with Mode 7 in a 2D world. But in F-Zero 64 this is very clear, when racing in F-Zero you better watch those sides because it's a long way down! Very little is known of this game because Nintendo has it very tightly under wraps. The game is set to run at a very impressive 60 Frames per second.

Nintendo, hopes to have this game ready for a early 1998 release, but experts are predicting a mid 1998, that could be a good year from now. Rumors have already been flying that this game will be a 4-Player game. But no screen shots or demo's have been shown to prove this.

Although this is one cool looking game, it does raise some very Interesting questions. Questions like, Will it be a Cart or DD game? The answer is that, no one but Nintendo knows that right now. Another Question that is being asked is, will it be compatible with the Rumble Pack? Nintendo has shown an extreme ability to back up everything it releases. So it is a very good chance that this game will work with the Rumble Pack. Everyone get ready to pull some serious G's with F-Zero 64!!