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Gex: Enter The Gecko Preview

Publisher - Midway
Developer - Crystal Dynamics
Platform - N64
Release Date - August 26 1998
Type - Adventure

A lot of video games are making a transition from the 2-D world into the 3-D world. Gex made his transition into the 3-D world via the Playstation. The Playstation version rocks and Nintendo and Crystal Dynamics promise that this version will be better. It's gonna be the same game but with better graphics, additional levels and better control. Hopefully in this version the crappy camera angles that plagued the Psx version will be fixed.

For you guys that haven't played the Psx version, in Gex: Enter the Gecko you go through a very cool looking 3-D world searching for remotes. It's just like the star system in Super Mario 64 but with the stars replaced by remotes. The worlds are like movies and TV shows. Some levels include "Pangea 90210" and "The Umpire Strikes Back". It also has bosses that you can battle after getting a certain number of remotes. The bosses have TV and movie themes from Godzilla, Gilligan's Island and others.