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Harrier 2000 Preview

Publisher - Video System USA
Developer - Paradigm Entertainment
Platform - N64
Release Date - January 1999
Type - Flying

In Harrier 2000, you're a crack pilot called on a mission of infinite delicacy and danger. A ruthless cadre of rogue generals and mercenaries named "The Brotherhood has seized control of a peaceful island nation. Blessed with ecosystems ranging from tropical forests to a snow-capped volcano, Vahita is the perfect testing ground for the renegades' vast arsenal of pirated military hardware. Harrier 2000 will boast as many as 50 missions, with dual modes emphasizing action or strategy and multiple difficulty levels. Before embarking on each mission, you'll have to choose the optimal armaments from an arsenal that includes 17 types of bombs, five types of air-to-air missiles, nine types of air-to-ground missiles, three sizes of guns and three types of rocker launchers, plus a variety of self-defense systems.