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Jet Force Gemini Preview

Publisher - Rare
Developer - Rare
Platform - N64
Release Date - July 1999
Type - Action

Even though this game is in its early stages, it looks very cool. In this game you use three characters: Juno, Vela and Lupus the dog, each of which is fully playable. In fact, you'll have to switch between them to carry out your mission. We've also come to expect innovation from Rare, and JFG delivers. Two players can play cooperatively, moving about in the same 3-D scene in this sci-fi adventure. Rare also plans to include a four-player hunt-and-hide mode. The game boasts cinematic cut scenes and realistic lighting that imitate the cold swath of a searchlight or the flickering glow of a campfire. Add to all this game play that includes swarming enemies, robotic helpers, changing climate conditions, huge bosses and a power-crazed villain, and it sounds like another milestone from Rare.