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Last Legion UX Preview

Publisher - Mindscape
Developer - Hudson Soft
Platform - N64
Release Date - May 1999
Type - Fighting

Much like Super Robot Spirits, LastLegion UX lets players take control of a fully operational battle Mech for deathmatch against a friend or the CPU. Unlike Super Robot Spirits, Hudson's LastLegion UX doesn't limit players to a set arena or enclosed fighting space. Instead, the battlefield is a free-for-all maze of tunnels, towers and death.

A total of 10 Mech robots (including one boss) and 10 arenas (including one hidden) make up the game. Levels are designed specifically for deathmatches, with lots of corners, staircases and hide-outs perfect for ambushes.

The single-player mode emphasizes strategy and wit as players fight to build their mechs by gathering new weapons and obtaining 'power crystals', which enable mechs to perform multiple combos.

While the single-player mode is sure to keep players happy, the game's real fun and challenge lies in its multiplayer option, of which the levels are catered to.

But levels aren't the only aspect of LastLegion that will have an affect on gameplay. Different mech robots have different abilities. One mech, for example, might have a high ability to fly, but very low shield power. Another might be great with hand-to-hand combat, but too heavy to fly. Hudson has created the game with this in mind, creating a balanced fighting system which should make for a lot of fun and even more strategy.

An arsenal of weapons is also present, ranging from powerful lasers to quick mounted machine-guns. Certainly enough choice to satisfy even the most blood-hungry gamer.

Mindscape has recently acquired the rights to bring LastLegion UX to the U.S. sometime in 98.

We'll have an update on this promising title soon.