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Madden NFL '99 Preview

Publisher - Electronic Arts
Developer - Electronic Arts
Platform - N64
Release Date - November 1998
Type - Sports

Ea Sports is the king of sports games, and gamers everywhere know this. But last year EA was shocked when Acclaims football game outsold Madden and beat them to the NFL license. Many people argue that Madden has better gameplay than Quarterback club, but Quarterback's graphics beat Madden's ten to one. EA plans to turn the tables this year. Their famous Madden will have the full NFL license, and offer hi resolution graphics that are very much like Quarterback Club's.

By improving the graphics engine and retaining their near perfect game engine, EA Sport's '99 football title may beat Quarterback club all out. Plus the NFL license also adds to the game, no more generic city names for teams, and non-authentic colors, it's going to be the real thing baby!

With EA's experience, you can undoubtedly expect the game to be fast and furious. With actual NFL offensive and defensive stats, you'll be placed in the game, just as EA's motto says.

As seen in the accompanying screenshots Madden '99 looks absolutely stunning, all the polygon players are very well designed and textured. The stadiums are also brilliant in design, much more eye appealing than last years offering. The NFL battle resumes this fall and don't expect EA to go down without a hard fight this year. Keep checking back for more info as it unfolds.