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NBA Jam '99 Preview

Publisher - Acclaim
Developer - Iguana
Platform - N64
Release Date - November 1998
Type - Sports

NBA JAm needs no introduction, but I'll provide one anyways. NBA Jam started as a 2 on 2 arcade style basketball game. Where free-throw line, above the backboard dunks, and flmaing nets were the name of the game. With all the upgrades it's recieved, NBA Jam has remained the same over the years. Until now, Acclaim and Iguana plan to make NBA JAm '99 a 5 on 5 simulation, that's right 5 on 5. No more 2 on 2 dunkfests, hopefully Iguana leaves in some spectacular dunks to add to the excitement. A list of features to check out:

*All 29 NBA teams and courts
*Over 300 players with digitzed faces
*Endorsed by rookie Keith Van Horn
*Over 500 motion captured moves for ultimate realism
*Play by play from TNT's Keith Harlan, and commentary by
*Bill Walton
*5 play modes: Shoot out, Exhibition, Season, Custom season,
*and Playoffs
*Signature moves of real NBA players
*Playable NBA historic simulations
*Officail team arena songs
*Arena announcing by Dan Roberts of the utah Jazz

Look to see a big change over the past NBA Jam titles. Offering the 5 on 5 simulation with polygon players, NBA Jam will compete with all the big name basketball simulations this year. Basketball fans keep an eye out for this one.