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NBA Live '99 Preview

Publisher - E.A
Developer - E.A
Platform - N64
Release Date - December 1998
Type - Sports

Probably the most well known NBA video game series around is finally coming home to the N64. At this year's E3 show EA Sports unveiled some screenshots of the possible king of NBA simulations on the N64. Obviously NBA Live '99 will have every NBA team and player (with few exceptions of course), which comes with the NBA license. In it's history only one other series of NBA simulations has even come close to matching Live's capabilities and that is the NBA Shoot Out series on the Playstation.

Not much is known about this game as of yet but we expect it to have all the options, if not more of it's predecessor on the Playstation and Saturn. Aside from those systems though, the accompanying screenshots show that this version will be the most visually impressive of them all, and the names and numbers aren't even on the jersey's yet.

Count on EA to bring home the best N64 basketball title this fall, I know I'll be waiting for it impatiently.