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NFL Q.B Club '99 Preview

Publisher - Acclaim
Developer - Iguana
Platform - N64
Release Date - August 1998
Type - Sports

Acclaim and Iguana, the dynamic duo who brought you the most graphically stunning football game last year, are at it again. This year Acclaim and Iguana plan to offer a more stable AI and game strategy written by Charlie Weis, the New York Jets offensive coordinator. With the same hi-rez (tm) graphics used in the first of the Quarterback Club series and a new tweaked game engine, what gamer could go wrong with Quarterback Club '99? Take a look at some of the features:

*All 31 NFL teams, plus 6 NFL Europe clubs
*All 30 rendered stadiums
*Over 1500 players
*Endorsed by Green bay Packer Brett Favre
*All new polygonal engine in 640x480 resolution
*250 new player animations, including special celebration
*Play by play by ESPN's Mike Patrick
*New analog joystick passing system
*Historic Simulations from all 32 super bowls
*Player attributes change throughout the season depending on their performance
*Create a player with create a uniform
*Multiplayer split screen camera view for offense and defense

It seems that Madden '99 will have to work extra hard to dethrone Quarterback Club this year. We'll keep you posted with any new news or media.