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Perfect Dark Preview

Publisher - Rare
Developer - Rare
Platform - N64
Release Date - December 1999
Type - 3D Shooter/RPG (Goldeneye 007)

The year: 2023. Joanna Dark, a sharp and gifted young Field Operative - codename 'Perfect Dark' - is sucked ever deeper into the conspiracy that swells out from the heart of the forbidding dataDyne corporation. With a trail of secrets leading her from Chicago skyscrapers to subterranean laboratories, from top secret air bases to sea-bed alien shipwrecks, Joanna's mission slowly unfolds to reveal a conspiracy spanning hundreds of light years...

Running on the celebrated GoldenEye engine and undergoing development at the hands of the very same team responsible for that high-tension classic, Perfect Dark ups the ante on its predecessor in virtually every department. The story is far more ambitious, the objectives more rigorous, the gadgetry more ingenious and the enemies more vicious.