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Rev Limit Preview

Publisher - Seta
Developer - Seta
Platform - N64
Release Date - June 1999
Type - Racing

This is going to be one realistic racing game. Seta has decided to make environmental factors influence you, such as the grip of your tires and how slippery the road is. Also, they are going to implement the strain of gravity on the cars. Not sure what that means, but it can't be bad. If you slam into an opponent, it will affect both of your cars negatively. Racers will also need to take into account:

*Tire wear during long races
*Fuel consumption
*Stress due to high engine temperature

There are three ways to play Rev Limit: Endurance, Sprint Race, and drag race. You can also play the racing team manager and instruct the drivers and pit crew. Cars can also be tuned to suit racing conditions, with choices available for transmission, tires, engine, and more.