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Rush 2 Extreme Racing Preview

Publisher - Midway
Developer - Atari Games
Platform - N64
Release Date - November 1998
Type - Racing

Midway's Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA, the sequel of sorts to San Francisco Rush, won't take place exclusively in San Francisco. Rather, hand-picked locations from around the US will make up the numerous racing courses in the game.

According to Atari Games vice president of product development Bill Hindorff, a team has already been dispatched to videotape various landmark areas across America for use in the title. Some locations featured in the game include Las Vegas, Honolulu, upper and lower Manhattan, Los Angeles, Hollywood and the arcade version of track Alcatraz. In addition to a plethora of new tracks, Rush 2 sports a slight graphics upgrade, more than 16 new automobiles, ranging from hot-rods and sports-cars to trucks, more rewarding stunts and the ability to catch a lot more air.

The game's practice mode has been expanded to include a truckload of new options and modes. At least two exclusive practice stunt tracks are immediately selectable in the mode. We're told that the objective is to score as many as points possible and collect items (possible point-stars) with absolutely no time limit. Points will be rewarded for stunts performed. For example, a 360 degree spin in the air and a perfect landing would likely deliver bonus points. These stunt courses have been described as "expanded versions of Papy Land." But that's not all, there are also two "wild levels," one of which happens to be a half-pipe. Players can earn points driving up and down the pipe and catching air. The other wacky track is expected to be some sort of tube.

A 40% complete version of the 12MB (96 megabit) cart will be shown at this month's E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) beginning May 27. We'll have more details then.