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Space Station: Silicon Valley Preview

Publisher - Take-Two
Developer - DMA Design
Platform - N64
Release Date - October 1998
Type - Adventure

What to say, what to say about this game. Hmmm, well first I'd have to say it's gameplay and story line is very original. The graphics look great, and you get to transform yourself into many more different animals than you did with Banjo-Kazooie. Anyway I guess the story goes like this. One thousand years into the future a giant space station, Silicon Valley, disappeared. This space station was used to test out robot pets called Nanobots, apparently these animals were experimental, and at the time had a mind of their own. So they wanted revenge on their creators and took over the space station. This starts the game for our heroes, Dan Danger and a robot sidekick EVO who can change into the certain animal you defeat with a special chip in him. (Kooky isn't it?) In order to beat the game you'll have to assume the roles of different Nanobots to gain access to certain puzzles. Sounds much like B-K and there is supposed to be around 25-30 different environments in a space station.