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Super Robot Spirits Preview

Publisher - Banpresto
Developer - Banpresto
Platform - N64
Release Date - June 1999
Type - Fighting

Nintendo 64 fans may finally have a Mech game coming their way in the form of a 3D fighter. Yes, Japanese developer Banpresto is hard at work on Super Robot Spirits, a 3D Mech Robot based fighter due to be released this December in Japan.

Super Robot Spirits features over six Mech robots, each equipped with its own unique arsenal of weapons and combos -- and when we say unique that's exactly what we mean. The Master Gundam robot, for example, fights Drunken Fist Kung Fu, a style featured in Jacky Chan's Drunken Monkey and Drunken Master 2 movies. For those of you who haven't seen the films, Drunken Fist fighting looks exactly as it sounds -- like a drunk person fighting. It's quite humorous and it will be interesting to see how this translates to a Mech based fighter, to say the least.

The robots in the game can each do many moves in which they can combine punch and kick with weapons. It's possible to combine moves, the result being an entirely different super attack.

Here are character details of two of the robots to tide you over until we're ready to post a review:

MASTER GUNDAM With the agile "cooperation" move (in which you can use a punch and kick, or two weapons together) you can crush your opponent, and this fast attacking robot can snatch away the advantage from anyone in a battle. From normal moves to throwing moves, Master Gundam can reproduce them all from the original anime. Chinese Kung Fu was used as a reference for creating the realistic motion of the fighting. Master Gundam is a mid-level boss who tries to keep you from advancing, so you can't select him in one-player mode.

DAITAN 3 This is Super Robot Spirit's main character. In a nutshell, he's giant, powerful and quick. His attacking power and defensive power are of the highest class.