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TEO Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Nintendo
Platform - N64DD
Release Date - March 1999
Type - Adventure/RPG?(One Of Those Stupid Tamigotchi Things)

It talks, it listens, it lives on your 64DD! What the hell is it you say? Why a flying dolphin of course! (what else would it be?) Fin Fin, a native of PC's for many years is making its way to the 64DD by way of Fujitsu. No, not PhenPhen the dietary drug recently banned by the American FDA, this is the cyber-pet Fin Fin, one of the most advanced of the modern day virtual pets. Based on an artificial life engine developed by Fujitsu, this virtual pet has far more than a cheap LCD screen. This pet will react to physicial changes in the enviroment (not ours, his of course :-) If you yell at him (yes that will be possible, I'll explain later) he will react. If you let time pass by without feeding it, it will react with hunger. If you smash the 64DD disk into a million pieces, it will however react no more. Emotions will also come into play with this virtual marvel. If he is sad he will act accordingly, as with when he is happy, sad, mad, dead, etc.

Fin Fin lives in the magical world Teo, a place full of life and apparantly beautiful polygonal plants. All the images however (look to the left) are from the PC version, but I would expect no less from the 64DD version. If you have ever played the PC version though, (which it seems not many Americans have) don't fret. The devloper asserts time after time this will not just be another PC port.

Another interesting part of the game is it use of the Voice Recognition Headset. And this doesn't just mean that you will look like an MCI operator while playing. This practically ensures that this game will have as much or more user interaction than ever seen before on a home console. Personally I can't wait to get my hands on it and scold my FinFin repeatedly for no reason :-)

Now just one question remains- What will you name your FinFin?