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Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Preview

Publisher - Acclaim
Developer - Iguana
Platform - N64
Release Date - October 1998
Type - 3D Shooter

Realizing that the original Turok did so well when it was released, sporting a comic book character not as well known as say... Batman or Superman, and blood galore, the duo decided to release a sequel. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil looks very promising even though it is still early in production. Not only does it look promising but with the whole new slew of options Turok 2 sounds promising as well.

The most notable improvement over the original, actually the most notable over any 3-d first person available for the N64, is the co-op mode, and hopefully Acclaim and Iguana manage to make the co-op mode four player, but I feel that is very unlikely. So even if two player co-op and four player deathmatch is all they have the ability to do, then Turok 2 still may be able to dethrone Goldeneye as the best multiplayer game of all time.

Turok 2 has a much more complex story line with levels to accompany it. No longer are the levels mostly linear, but now Turok will have to blow up walls and obstructions to gain access to other areas of the levels midway through them. This should propose much more intense action and explorability.

Scheduled for a late '98 release, Turok 2 will be one of many games to watch for this year. We will keep you posted on any late breaking news.