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Twelve Tales: Conker 64 Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Rare
Platform - N64
Release Date - October 26 1998
Type - Adventure

Um, Conker is da bomb?!? Well I guess so. Rare is really starting to scare me with their games, I mean they are just toooo good. It scares me what incredible things they will do with this funky little squirrel. I got a chance to look at some advanced shots of Conker and they look awesome. Extremely smooth graphics that makes you think that Rare has some special software for 3D polygon development. If you sat Mario 64 and Conker next to each other, Conker would kick Mario's Rumbling Butt in the graphics department.

Even though Conker's graphics are incredible, they are not Conker's major selling point. Rare (Like Always) wants their games to be fun and ground breaking, and Conker is a deep step in those directions. Conker's fun level comes from it's Interactivity, the ability to not only control the squirrel but to join forces with the squirrel. Conker's amazing Facial expressions will help you in your journey. This interactivity is the real ground breaking part, Conker's Quest is going to contain one hell of an AI for the main character. This game is going to kick tail. Stay tuned for more!

It seems like rare is really working on a ton of games lately, maybe because rare is doubling it's staff from 125 to 150! Rare and Nintendo have a linked to deal so that rare will only create games for N64, this might be a reason that Rare can create games faster than other companies. Other companies have to make conversions for every system that they develop for, but Rare only has the N64 so that allows them to focus on one system and in result they can make faster quality games.

The first thing you will notice in conker's quest is that it looks allot like an extremely advanced Mario 64, and allot like rare's latest development Banjo-Kazooie. The adventurers in this game are Conker and Berri and there mission is to recover 100 house-warming presents that have been stolen by some bad guys. The bad guys have scattered them throughout four incredible looking worlds. But that's not all that was stolen, Conker and Berri's friends have been kidnapped!

Conker the squirrel and Berri the chipmunk run around in a very advanced game developed only for the Nintendo 64. The extreme advancements in this game are elements like a unique artificial intelligence that allows characters like Conker and Berri to be conscious of the environmental conditions around them. During the game the characters help you out by pointing to objects that you missed and making facial expressions helping you to be aware of upcoming trouble and provides valuable tips to the player. Conker and Berri go out through the game collecting Conker nuts - that are spread out over the 4 worlds. During the adventure Conker and Berri get there chance to try out seven different special vehicles that help get those out of reach presents.

Lately Rare seems to be really trying to spoil us gamers. From what it looks like, Conker's quest will be on every Nintendo 64 gamers's christmas list! Check back to VG for more info on this great new title from Rare!